Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shelf Life Of Common Pantry Items

This is a great site link from Riverwalker...definitely worth printing off.

Knowing the shelf life of your food storage items is a very important part of any food storage program. The wide varieties of food items that are available make it hard to keep track of the shelf life of canned and pre-packaged food items that are common in most parts of the country.

Mrs. RW recommends as a great website for checking the shelf life of your food storage items.
They cover a wide variety of food items from canned to frozen to opened or un-opened packages.
They also include the shelf life of food items commonly found in your pantry, your refrigerator and your freezer. So take some time and check out this handy website if you need to check the shelf life of your food storage items. From fish to dairy and veggies to fruits, they have some great information for you.
Whether you prefer canned, dried or fresh you can get the information you may need to help you keep the shelf life of your food storage items up to date.

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Life of a plainlady said...

I am trying to track down a chart that tells quantities needed for feeding crowds. For example, how many pound of hamburger to make sloppy joes for a crowd of 65? of taters for a crowd of 150? Any suggestions where to look this up?


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