Friday, October 30, 2009

Ready for Hunting

Jacob wanted a hunting hat, so David had to have one, too. Technically, the color is "pumpkin" and not some "safety" or "hunting" orange, but it will do.
Maybe it will get cold enough to make them comfortable :o)

They've been 'shooting' all over -- they made their own bows and arrows from some of my tent poles by stringing hay bale twine through the poles and using sticks as arrows. Goofy things actually shoot a fair distance, even if it is rather slow. I don't suspect any real danger to the turkeys, squirrels or deer, though.

They want Daniel Boone shoes next (moccassins). I promised as soon as they get their first deer we can havea go at tanning the hide for them. And I think I'd better send those skins Christopher traded for at that Rendevous back with him before they find it.


Catherine Anne said...

LOVE this

Dawn said...

Cute! =)

Lisa said...

So cute! Hope they get their deer so they can do the Daniel Boone moccasins. Maybe you can do the racoon hats next year! LOL


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