Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just another day...with links :o)

Just another bill paying day....ugh. Probably my least favorite day of the week in truth. Not that I don't think we ought to pay our dues, so to speak, but goodness, how many dues does a person need? I know...most our payments are totally under our control here and we make our bed the way we make it. Really gotta work on changing that. I'd like to have a 'trip to town' totally down to just a fun run and not some necessity. I mean, I don't mind a fabric shop run, or a bulk food run, or that kind of trip, but paying bills, giving away hard-earned money that kept Dewey from being home where he belongs...I'd like to see an end to those trips.

I could probably do some serious damage to it if I tried hard enough. Electricity could get cut way back, and water usage here is just outrageous when you really watch things. And the cell phones. I'm about to do something with that idiot bill. Dropping a good half of the service we have now and getting back to what a cell phone should be...something for a bit of an emergency. You know, I've complained for years about getting a cell phone, then poof...I went green with envy and ended up with the mother lode of cell phone what-not...Blackberry's (yes, that's multiple there...) and an internet card! I rarely use the internet card and get on the notebook computer at home, aside from collecting my Freebie of The Day when it's a good one. My blog posts mostly come from the cell phone (it's just easier than loading up the notebook) and I scan through emails on the phone as well.

I've become what I complained about for years...I'm a cell phone junkie. I need a 12 step program. No...I don't have patience for 12 steps. I need a concise, 2 step program, slightly more involved than simply turn it off. But, I'm about to take the jump into the dark ages again. I'm taking a hatchet to the cell plan. Dewey isn't working off in another state, we don't really leave the homestead much unless it's a group effort, and nuts-and-bolts honesty here, I don't WANT the incredibly ridiculous cell phone bill monthly. I won't tell you what it is. I'm finally awake here in reality world, and I'm utterly ashamed at giving you the monthly blood fee for the privilege of being able to make and take calls from virtually anywhere and everywhere. It's big. Just trust me on that and dole out the shame factor accordingly.

Ahhh...somewhat cleansed there. I feel a bit lighter with my load of life stuff now.

Ok, more sewing in line today. And figuring out what I can't honestly live without on the pittance remaining after bill paying. I'm out of coffee here on the homestead. Not something world-shaking for me personally, but Dewey might have some DTs from it if I don't get more. I need to find him something more suitable. High blood pressure and cholesterol and all just doesn't mix well with coffee intake :o) He's drinking grape juice, taking his garlic, his fish pills (eeewww eeewww eeewww...but hey, the cat loves him now...). Might keep working on the diet end of things and get hom back off the bp meds and cholesterol-lowering hoo-ha soon. I'm not really a doctor sort of person. Nothing personal against those of you who are doctor lovers, or who plan to be a medical professonal or such and such. I just don't find a lot of use for them overall, on any regular sort of basis. They serve a need, they do a decent job and all for the most part. I'm just not a run-to-the-doctor-I-sneezed-today kind of person. And I don't do the whole OTC or RX round unless absolutely necessary and I can't find another method for relief.

Speaking of which...that sumac stuff is interesting. And so is this trigger-thought post here. I really need to get studying more about herbs and foraging sorts of things. There's no shortage of land around here, and I really don't even know what all might be available for harvestable use right here on our own little weed-covered mess of acres. I am just plain lazy, I know. Over 4 years here and I don't really know alot more about my own land here than I did when I moved here. That's just sad. Hardly being a good steward as commanded.

Maybe winter is a good time to devote to some study work. I used to have a couple of links for some great looking online studies, and I've toyed several several times with the idea of going through one of the Shondra Parker courses. I don't really need herbalist would be more than enough for me, but I know I'd be craving more once I started. I wouldn't mind this course, actually, but still...I don't know that I'd ever use it in that way, so family herbalist is probably more up my alley. I already have this printed off, so maybe that's where I need to start! Maybe someday...when I have time to devote to really paying attention to longer term things.

Off to pay bills and shut down the computer...and consult with the Altell/Verizon lady we deal with about taking the hatchet to that bill (she's great -- doesn't try to sell me a thing...of course, could be because I think we already have them maxed out in terms of what they can sell us...) And I'd like to get some ham & potato chowder prepped for dinner. No, it's not that cold, but it was a nippy morning...put me in a thick creamy soup mood :o)


LizBeth said...

Do you have Virgin mobile in your area? Think they contract for the Sprint towers, at least here. Really cheap as cells go. Good service. The thing that convinced me to keep a cell was a friend of my mother's who said that these days everybody thinks everybody else has a cell phone, so if you should be stopped with car trouble on the side of the road nobody will stop to help. Of course, there are those people I wouldn't want to stop, too! Something to consider.

Kimberly said...

Our term is up in Feb. on our cell phones; we are going to go to the pre-pay method. We already dropped texting; but we want to drop the bill entirely. We just don't need to be "that" connected! Our car has a built in phone plus Onstar, so we are fine if we get stranded, we do use the cell phone for the very occasional long distance call. I am always looking at ways to cut the bills, especially the utilities. Hmmm - maybe I should be doing a post on this topic...


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