Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone want to swap for my serger?

Probably not, but I'm going to get rid of my serger anyway, so I'm wondering about swapping it for something else.

I just don't use the serger. I tried several times, and I really just don't find it useful. My sewing maching has a serged stitch that works well enough for my needs, so finding space to have something else set up is just not worth it.

The serger is a Janome MyLock 204D machine. I haven't looked it up online anywhere yet, and I'm just not an EBay sort of person.

What I'd like to swap for is denims in a good medium weight.

I will just sell it outright, too.

I will share photo's and gather what information any serious inquiry needs if we have any interest.

Email me if you're interested :o). Or drop a comment and I'll get back with you. No emails will be published -- I moderate all comments before they post.


Tessa Silvas said...

Well, hey! If you can't sell it, and it still needs a home, I'll give it one!


Our family said...

A friend sent me this link. I'm interested. You said you want to swap denims, what exactly does that mean? If you sold it, how much would you charge? Thanks!


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