Monday, September 28, 2009

Why Food Storage? A 5 Part Series

Food Storage Made Easy has a series of posts beginning today, running all month on Mondays, on why food storage is important.

As they mention, many people are unfamiliar with food storage on any level. They don't really understand why anyone would be interested in building a pantry store. They have always been a kitchen cupboard, feast or famine type.

There are so many reasons for building a food storage, especially given the economics of today's world and lifestyle. I definitely encourage everyone to visit this week and follow the series on Why Food Storage. It will encourage you to continue building if you are already of that mind, and will give you a base for getting started and understanding why it will benefit you and your family if the concept is new to you.

Here is an excerpt from today's beginning:

So here's a challenge for you - assume you've never heard of food storage, and you have stumbled upon our blog. Would you be able to easily find the answer to the following question:


After receiving a few emails with that very question, we realized we've never really explained "Why Do People Build A Food Storage?" in a clear, concise and "easy to find" manner. HOW EMBARRASSING!

So... for the next 5 Mondays, we'll be creating a series of posts that define the top 5 reasons. As we go, we'll link up each post to the reason list below. In the future readers can easily find (and share) the reasons we're all so crazy to store food!

The 5 main reasons are:
1. Natural Disasters
2. Economic Crisis
3. Health Benefits
4. Everyday Emergency
5. Religious Reasons

We'll also have a discussion through comments and facebook about what these reasons mean in your lives during the series.

But... before we get into the WHY's - let's first answer the WHAT?

Food Storage is the concept of "storing" food for a number of "what if" situations. you've been teased proper and will have to go visit to find out the rest :o)

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Rebecca said...

I will be here every Monday to see what is next. I have started our food storage. It seems to go so slow. But, something is always better then nothing. Twice already we have had to call upon what I had to make it to pay day. So I'm excited to already see it working.


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