Friday, September 25, 2009

Some News From Online Friends

I've been a follower of Malia and the Homemaking 911 for about a year now. Today, in the newsletter 'special' announcement thatcame, there was this little blurb and I wanted to share it here so everyone could check out the site and perhaps share in the challenge ---

Dear friends:
We are so excited to share some wonderful family news with you! 
First, my oldest daughter Christina is getting married next month.  Her wedding date is October 18th and we are all so excited.  Her future husband, Jonathan is a fabulous young man and we are anxious to officially welcome him into the family.
Now, we have this amazing chance to do something really cool, and we hope you will join us:
Samsung is having a contest to win a  brand new washer and dryer. 
To win, all I need is the MOST blog comments.  I would LOVE to win this for Christina and  Jonathon- but in addition to that, I  got to write about the Heart of Our Home - which all of you know around here- that is CHRIST. 

Wouldn't it be really cool if our blog, with our godly and Christian focus actually drew more comments than some of the secular sites out there?  
As a winner our blog post would be spread around by the company itself- reaching people I may never have met through our usual online channels. 
I sincerely hope that as people read our post and get introduced to Christ, perhaps they will be inspired to learn more about  Him as well- so, when you leave a comment (and I am BEGGING  you to do so) please do not forget to mention Christ as the  Heart of Your Home- even as you share your favorite  room with me as well. 

Here is where you go to leave a comment-

Wanna join in and spread the great news of Christ to a lot of folks *and* help win the washer and dryer for this great young couple? It's just a few minutes of time, and it's a great site to boot :o)


Diane said...

I just left a comment on the blog of your friend. She is at 115 comments so far.

Scarlett said...

I left a comment for her! I also left a link on my blog for her. This is the first I have seen her blog, but how fun!


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