Saturday, September 19, 2009


No, not the kind you cure your homemade soap in. Sorry.

Last night, in the wonderful neighborhood my mother lives in, well beyond midnight, someone busted out the back window on her van, dented the side at the gas tank, and literally scraped it down to metal.

Neighbors didn't hear anything, of course. I'm surprised she didn't either.

She called and waited for the men in blue vigilantly watching the streets of Winnebago County (sarcasm is a bit thick, I know) to come out today. She took several pictures of the damage -- good thing, considering the officer busted out the rest of the glass at the back window as he checked it over. Brilliant training.

She's called insurance and that's where my soapbox comes in. If my car, safely parked in my driveway, or even on the road for that matter, gets molested and damagedto the extent there is no longer a window, and my insurance coverage is top of the line, paid in full and never been used...IF IF IF...I would expect something more than "we can't get your car in to an adjuster until Wednesday."


I don't think so. I think, given the storms and rain, given my now wide open to the elements vehicle with the great insurance coverage, better get more than a Wednesday appointment. It better be picked up today, before the rains.

Man, that just aggravates me to no end. No wonder folks don't have insurance. What's the point in paying those high pricedprotection payments just to get the brush off when you try to get some action?

I think she needs to take photo's of the van interior without stain or even wear showing, darn near showroom new. Then, after these rains come through and the mildew settles in, they can simply replace the entire vehicle and she can start new again.

Wednesday my aunt fanny. GRRRRR!


As Simply As We Can said...
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As Simply As We Can said...

Just thought I might add that maybe you should keep the comment w/ her blog address private. She was generally pretty private about things and I don't know if she'd want the address tossed around. She may not mind at all, but at the same time I figure better safe than sorry, kwim? Thaks!

Lisa said...

That is terrible!! She should take interior pictures, then tape heavy plastic over the window to spare herself more aggravation.

Years ago, our house was hit by winds from a tornado, and we lost part of the roof. So many people had damage, that even thought the insurance adjuster came right out, we couldn't get it repaired for months. In the mean time, rain kept pouring in despite the tarp put down. By the time we made it to the top of the repair list, the insurance had to cover replacing carpet, electrical sockets, etc as well as the roof.

Oh, and did I mention the house was empty and for sale the whole time, and that we lived in another state? Not a good time for us financially!


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