Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayers for Dewey

Well, he's been having a lot of troubles lately with one foot. Can barely walk on it without intense pain, and walking on that large rock at the jobsite and ladder climbing isn't helping any.

I finally got him talked into going to have it looked at. Trust me, this is not an easy feat with Dewey. He hates doctors and clinics/hospitals even more. Just has no time for them. I'm lucky he even came along for the birth of the children and didn't just drop me at the door :o). (Ok, he'snot that bad, but it's close!)

So, here we are at the doctor today, an x-ray laterwe have the beginnings of a good bone spur, and this plantar....something or another inflamation. Meds to start with, a couple injections if necessary. Good deal.

But...his blood pressure was up again (168/94) but, given the foot pain, somewhat expected. His pulse rate, however, was pretty low (mid-50's). Hey, I love my husband dearly, but a well-conditioned athlete he just isn't...that's a low pulse!

Doctor starts asking about his bp meds and such and determines the version he's on is most likely the culprit and we might need to switch to a different one.

From here somewhere we sort of went off on several things that we've dealt with with Dewey over a length of time -- he is bone-tired 90% of the time (although. could be those bp meds) and he is often short of breath, though not in any discomfort or pain. Honestly, he's been like that since school-age. One doctor we saw asked if he was or had been a smoker for as little oxygen intake as he often has!

Monday now, much to his disagreement (basically I guilted him into agreeing...I admit it), he has a stress test scheduled. Depending on those results, he could be going for a sleep apnea test later.

My doctor-avoiding husband is just covered up in medical stuff now.

If you have a moment or so, please keep his meds in prayer for the bone spur -- that they would do the trick and nothing further needed. And the stress test -- that they find his health, overall, to be good and his main issue a change in bp meds until we adjust to a better diet and proper exercise, etc.

Also -- just a note -- Emily has her release date from her surgeons Friday. She's done great, no residual anything, and is filling out with fat tissue very nicely along her shoulder, so I expect no problems at all.


LizBeth said...

Bless you. I understand completely. Praying for you all. Liz

Rita said...

Many prayers for Dewey. I've been in his situation and feel the same about hospitals and Dr.'s and the whole thing is enough to spike the blood pressure. Only advice I have is the bone spur. I had two shots over time about a year apart. Then I learned that they don't really reccomend the shots anymore. So I made sure I was getting plenty of calcium with D, do the stretching exercises for the calf as that tendon or muscle goes under the foot and tightens with age. I use expensive shoes that tie up tight and have lots of heel cushion. Cost about $150. I put my feet up at night when watching TV or resting. I do hope this helps you after 2 years I must still wear the shoes when on my feet but no pain and I'm so thankful. The stretches help a lot with the pain so when the pain begins I do the stretches and rest my foot a bit if I can. Wishing you the best.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, Deanna, I am sorry. We will be praying here.
My honey and I have started having some issues with BP and such. About a month ago, my Dr. told me I was going to have to go on meds if I didn't get my BP down. Well, being the naturalist and all I said no way. Then he preceeded to tell me that I need to get the weight off. So the next day I started walking and I am down 14lbs. It has been tough. You know I love the brownies, cookies, and fresh baked bread. However, I will not take medicines if I don't have to.
I hope you get everything figured out with Dewey.

Scarlett said...

I will keep you both in my prayers. Why is it that our men are so against doctors I wonder. I think you are right to get him to go no matter how you had to do it. Just remind him that his wife and children NEED him and will for a good long while.

Ginny said...

I have severe plantar fascitis (sp) and the only thing that works is stretching exercises and high arch supports in good shoes with a thick cushiony sole.

The stretching exercises are particularly critical before getting out of bed in the morning or after being off your feet for any length of time.

I would avoid injections and medications. They so rarely do any good.

Leigh-Ann said...

Of course we'll be praying for Dewey. I hope things go fairly easily with the doctor. I think most men have the same issues with going to the doctor. I know Mark does.

Take care of you and yours!

Angie said...

Deanna - I also have issues with heel spurs. I refused the shots because the last time I needed one of those shots(for my shoulder), the darn doc didn't hit the right spot and it went into my bloodstream and made me pass out! I couldn't feel any of my limbs and thought I was going to choke on my tongue. It was the strangest and scariest feeling ever! The stretches DO help! I had to wear good sturdy shoes with orthotics (my feet also roll in). It didn't help alot when I was on my feet alot. :( So this past spring I splurged and got ZCoil shoes. They are fantastic! No more orthotics! Look them up on the web and see if there is a store near you and he can try some on.Theyare the best thing I ever did for my feet, legs and back!

Stephanie said...

Consider prayers lifted up from my heart to God's ears. Please keep us updated.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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