Thursday, September 17, 2009

MIA this weekend, sort of

I'll be canning. Stumbled on a great deal on bacon. No, not the Levitical food of choice, but I happen to like bacon. And a good seasoned sausage, too. Save the emails, ok?

Anyway, a local store had several 10#cases of bacon out. I passed them up first -- "several" anything not on an end cap usually means junk for sale. But I kept coming back past them (must have been to smokey whispering of my name...)

These casesof bacon are usually "ends", which again translates into junk. The ends aren't always a good bargain. The last few times we had bought this way, it was acase of mostly fat, without even a sliver of anything truly porky involved. Yes, I know -- not a total loss, as I could have smiled and rendered my own lard instead of bemoaning the fact I wasted $12 on a box of fat strips. But, I didn't think lard at the time. And, yes I'm kicking myself big time now.

But, as usual, I digress...

The case we brought home...10# for a great price of $9.00...wasn't "ends" at all. It was bacon, baby. Real bacon. Real thick cut, smokey scented, hunger bringing b-a-c-o-n.

Now I'm kicking myself for not trusting my gut (er...stomach) instinct and getting more. I'm hitting the store again this morning, in about 1/2 hour, to get another 4 cases at least. Man, if I could strike a deal with the manager and skim a little bill money off the budget list this week, I'd get more than that!

So, at least 2 cases will meet me in the kitchen on Saturday and I'll be frying lightly or baking in the oven, bulk quantities of bacon, dicing/chopping/crumbling, and packing into jars to process at 10# for 75 mins (quarts...). Yum.

Pantry-stored bacon pieces to be pulled out later and gently heated and crisped a bit for salads, omelets...who knows!

Bacon cans just like regular meats...I believe the timing for pints is about 45 mins but don't quote me. I don't use pints for anything pantry-related around here.

I've read that you can par-fry slices of bacon and lay them on parchment sheets, then roll the sheets/bacon into a tube and place that in your jars for processing. I wouldn't mind that, but for us non-picky folk, crumbled bacon and larger bacon pieces work just as well. I'm not a bacon-purist that requirs a pristine and flat slice of bacon :o)

I'm just cooking 'just to barely done' tearing or cutting it to pieces, packing my jars and adding in the bacon drippings. Then lids and into the pressure canner at 10# for 75 mins per batch of quart jars. Nothing fancy here :o)

I'll try to remember to do some photo's and share next week! Remind me if I seem to forget!


Wendi said...

I never thought of canning bacon. I love this idea! I am thinking how wonderful it would be to can some small jars of bacon bits. Thanks for sharing!

Stone Bridge Farm said...

I cannot wait for you to share!!! I never knew you could do anything but freeze it!! If you wouldn't mind..PLEASE do another post after it is all said and done about the other methods of storing it!!!

PS: My mouth is now watering! I love me my bacon as well!

Have a great day!

Dana said...

Sounds like a great deal!!

Yes please share some pics!! I am interested in anything homemaker and having a pic to go with it really helps me learn!!

Thanks so much!!

Scarlett said...

I have done a lot of canning the past couple of years but would never have thought to can bacon. But then, I never find it cheap. I have had mixed results with the ends and pieces sometimes, it is great bacon other times not so much.

Stephanie said...

Wow, didn't know you could can bacon...I learn something new from you all the time! I am adding this to my homemaking notebook :) Thanks for sharing.
Also, this will probably be too late since it is already Sunday, but I like to use a pair of scissors to cut up bacon into smaller pieces.


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