Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Camper-Cabin

I'm getting ready to put the camper-cabin to use, just need to figure a few things. It's horribly 'sticky' down there without some sort of air-exchange going through regularly. I need to get something in the way of minimal electricity. I'm looking at something like a power pack. Still needs to be recharged by regular electricity -- plugged into an outlet up here at the house, or recharged off a battery, etc. This is what I'm looking at getting...the Xantrec Power Pack 1500 I have a much smaller, temporary set up here that we finally tracked down in the storage, so I'll put that to use after charging it tonight.

Ok, I probably don't need something quite that size, but, for the money, might as well get one with more ummpphh for the buck. It will do more than I'm looking for, which is good. It's always better to go larger than your planned needs. I'd love to be able to swing getting this as well to solar charge it. We have little shortage of sun around here most times, that's for sure. There is also a wind generator, but we usually lack usable amounts of wind. I was looking at some solar for dummies books, too. I don't know the first thing about solar. I don't know the first thing about electricity either. I'm very much a 'plug-it-in-and-if-it-works-great-if-not-unplug-it' kind of person.

I suppose I need to just get back to the original plan of building a lean-to over the entire camper and enclosing part of that as another usable room...maybe screened portions that can be closed over when needed. I don't know. The space would be nice for living area, and the cookstove could be relocated back there as well, which in itself would solve several problems. The cooking will be with a propane burner, and I might be able to use the camp oven we bought for the old cookstove years ago. And I can always pull Dewey's monster grill/smoker down there if need-be. I would need to refine some lacking camp cooking skills, but the way it's set up, I ought to be able to bake in it as well as any other oven-style baking and cooking.

And that potty issue...I give up. I'm going to have to go with a portable set up, like a camp potty or something. Man, I just have issues, I know. When TEOTWAWKI happens, of course I'll be of the right mindset to use whatever I have to.....but gosh, until then, I don't know...I just have some hang-ups. I've never, ever in my life, been a porta-potty kind of person. It's a quirk, I guess. I just don't know that I can get past that and use something like this but given an option, I think I could learn to adjust to something more like this or this. And we can set this up in the existing bathroom if need-be -- although it's beyond tiny tiny. Given that 'winter' wasn't on our heels, something like this would be in the plans, and could be used for other camping needs as well.

And my sewing machine just won't fit. That lean-to addition would be so nice to have! I've tried and tried and there's just no place for the sewing machine. The only small space possibility I thought I might have won't work -- the treadle is about 9" too wide :o( It's bad enough to not have the grand Janome I use now, but I thought I could make the treadle work in there somewhere. I thought about raising the table on some sort of blocks, so the treadle could slide under there for storage. Don't think it will work, but maybe. I took out a shelf that was there and placed a bookcase from the house in there so we had more school shelving area. The backside of the bookcase faces the 'dining' area couches, so I put the small dry-erase board up there. Works perfect for our needs.

Here's the pictures...very fuzzy with the poor lighting and being on the cell phone, but you get the idea...
This is the front living area, as you come in the door (just to the right). That is my 6ft table, to give you an idea of sizing.

I turned around right where I was...(the door is on the left now) this is where I removed the one shelf and put in our bookcase.

this is directly behind that bookcase...the dining area. Works for schooling the youngers (can put 3 rather tightly on one seat...) and Miss Abigail there, but not good for much else. The table folds away and the couches open to make a bed, though. I'm thinking storage under the seats for sure. Not tall enough to put any of my grain buckets, but I'm sure I can find plenty to store there.

and here is the view forward from the bedroom, just beyond where I was with the dining area. The fridge is rather large really, but without electric, it's just a useless box. I'll most likely use it for cabinet storage to keep any critters out of foods that can be stored without the temperature control. That's the dining where Abigail was sitting, and the dry erase board on the back of the bookcase. All in all, it's a rather tight space, but I suppose that's what a camper is anyway. Lot's of nooks and crannies we can use, but the 'closet' space will practical fold our dresses in half :o)

See how an addition would be so nice? I did talk to Dewey about the outhouse idea and he doesn't think it will work given the clay soil and depths of such. Nothing of any drainage at all. So, back to portalets, I guess. Either that or I need to leave the property and seet it up at a camp lot. Sort of defeats the purpose, though.


LizBeth said...

I've been to Walden Pond, in the winter no less, but . . . . . . . . . . .

Bean said...

Are you planning to move into this camper permanently? And, if so, I hope you don't mind my asking, what are you resons, and if not, what are your intentions with the camper?
Also, what are your reasons for living off the grid? Are all of you staying in the camper?

On the potty side of things, have you considered a composting toilet? They are a solution for homes without a plumbed water supply, or electricity, but they are more work than a regular comode!
Boy, I sound very nosy :)

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Just a side comment..those composting toilets are expensive!!!

If you need more room, well, at least in the Summer...could you add a screen room? They zip on to an awning...it would dd a bout a 10x10 room.

Just a thought. :0)


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