Friday, September 11, 2009

And the meal is...

Plain ordinary beef stew :o)

Ok, so maybe most folks don't use salsa.

And maybe most folks don't use sweet potatoes.

But you should :o) The salsa adds a great flavor aside from plain tomatoes, and sweet potatoes really taste great in soups and stew.

I learned that years and years back when I first got online and found There are so many great archived sharings over there worth reading.

Don't know about being MacGyver in the kitchen...he would have popped out a full 7 course meal *with* dessert given my list of ingredients :o)

Of course, the sweet potatoes could have gone into dessert I guess...sweet taterpie or cobbler would have been delicious! And homemade ice cream! YUM!


Liz said...

Yes to Laine's letters and sweet potatoes. . . . Have you had a chance to look at any of the .pdf files on Filling Your Ark? Some handy things on food storage, beans, and grains. Y'all have a good weekend! Liz

Dawn said...

Hmmm..salsa and sweet potatoes for beef stew, I may have to remember that. :-)
I am making a quick and easy dish known as Curly Noodle Dinner.
It's cookin' now and I can't wait to devour it. :-)

May you have a restful evening and wonderful weekend!

~ Dawn

Stephanie said...

Hi there :) I wanted to let you know I got the info for the state of NH for you, and thought it would be best to share it on my blog, rather than try to add it all to the comments area here.
I hope you all enjoy my perspective :)

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Sounds good to me! I am always into trying old recipes a new way!

Thanks for the great link! Love the website!

Greentwinsmummy said...

I love sweet potato in beef stew,it gives it,well a sweetness lol!.I like to coat the meat in seasoned flour so it gives the casserole sauce a lovely gloss,quatered chuncks of carrots & some green beans & a tin of pureed tomatos & yummm few hours later bliss!!
I love Autumn & the cooking it brings with it,I much prefer prepping something in the morning to get it out the way & having it slow cook all afternoon....feels like you get extra time to do fun things!
GTM x x


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