Monday, August 24, 2009

Who turned Autumn on?

Ok, never thought I'd be saying I've been getting a lot of work done outside the past handful of in August!

It's been beautiful.

Sounds kind of funny saying 85 is "beautiful" weather, but the distinct lack of humidity has made it absolutely gorgeous outside lately.

The camper is scrubbed and shop-vac'd and bug bombed (I like over-kill when it comes to the assortment of southern bugs). Tomorrow we'll scrub again from the bug bomb mist and then it's back to post hole work for the 'addition' of the outdoor kitchen.

And a...well, um...we need some 'facilities' back there. I'm thinking simple camping potty for now. I'm not sure I'm construction-saavy enough for a quality outhouse with composting commode yet. But, we do need something out there because momma ain't blazin' no trails north through the goat pasture for a bathroom break. Besides, honestly, it'sthe princple of the thing. Silly indeed!

My olders want no part of it. Hmmphh! Good riddens to the nay-sayers I say. The middles and youngers are all for it. It's our (tin) Little House on The Prairie cabin. One even called 'dibs' already on being the first one to use the deep trough for her bath :o). Me, I want one of those deeelux, extra long, 3 ft deep troughs for my long soaking bath. Oh, can you imagine...well, if you skip the bugs in that vision :o)

I still need ideas on refrigeration back there. Once the roof is up on the 'addition' I will relocate my cookstove down there, pipes and all. Cooking is taken care of. But keeping things cool...the goat's milk, etc. I need something more feasible for a duration than a 7-day cooler and ice. Ideas anyone?

I can't think of anything else I'm forgetting. Can you? I need to cook...I need a potty set is the oil lamps, and a portable battery lantern for quick needs at night...

I'll try to post some pictures of the poor camper this week. I need to re-do some upholstery -- it's a sort od burnt red/orange color...blech.

Schooling took a turn starting this week. We had a family pow-wow (I say argument) about some not wanting to participate in group covering science with Nim's Island and activities right now.

So, being democratic (that's only a small touch of sarcasm there...) We decided to appease the masses with a directional change. We are now working on "school at home" -- they are required to complete one full written lesson in each subject. This is Bible study, math, English, reading (which includes reading story, workbook for said story and working with words pages for said story), history, science and geography. Saturdays are for finishing off any allowable 'homework' needing completion for week, and for our Keepers at Home/Contenders of Faith work. Sunday afternoons between church are for a quiet time with the chosen KAH/COF project.

And I'll give it about a week. I would think they would be a bit more appreciative of some joint lessons with read-alouds instead of traditional book and pen work, but hey...who am I to argue? Ask and momma will take it under consideration...and quickly make up a quick and simple assignment lesson, with all due written and vocal work, daily :o)

Can't get easier lesson planning than that I say. Preeschool wasn't even that easy!

How long do you think it will last?

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Mrs. Trixi said...

I can't wait to see how long it lasts.
This weather is glorious. I, too, am getting loads done around the homestead. We should meet up for a picnic somewhere on the Trace. This is perfect weather for that.
However, now the muscadines and pears are coming in, so back to canning, I go. I so need that outdoor kitchen.


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