Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's Doings

Well, I only managed half the 'mowable' yard space. The grass/weeds grew with some ferocity in the last few popcorn showers. I should have tried getting more done...the tall grass just breeds snakes, ticks, fleas and chiggers down here. But it was hot and my wrists just didn't feel like cooperating more, and 3 hours is plenty of outdoor time I think. Maybe tomorrow.

I've crocheted 9 hangers this afternoon...knew I'd best get to them before my arms ached too bad. Now it's time for my wrist braces tonight.

Not a stitch of sewing done. I recounted things, and I need to do 4 dresses and pinafores, and 2 nightgowns. And the 'special project' sewing. We go up north in about 3 weeks...Friday, Sept 4th. If I spend 3 days doing little else than sewing, I can havethat done. Let's pray for that big IF there!

I have 3 round robins here sitting on my desk waiting for me. Perhaps I'll read through them tonight and start a note in my head :o).
I also have 2 of my PIF gifts ready. Suppose I should post them out as I finish them, but I thought I'd wait until they were all done and do them together. I'd share a picture of them...but I'll wait :o). Keep them as a surprise :o)

Bills are paid and about $100 kept out for what I need for Dewey's lunches and his pocket money. Lest you think he runs around empty pocket...or full pocket for, that matter...he doesn't do either really. Poor man would be a robber's nightmare, I guess. He generally doesn't have anything on him. But he's out so early in the morning, and even though he has a full thermos and a fresh lunch, it's hot work outside and he deserves a cool drink or two. He tends not to do that, either. No wonder his blood pressure is out of whack :o(

Is it bedtime yet? It's almost dark...does that count? I'll be glad when winter comes and we can fudge some bedtimes! I'm tired :o)

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