Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is called Lazy

This was on about an article posted in a South BendN IN newspaper. They were attempting to show the tragedy of a family with no place left to go but down.

Quick notes when reading the article...
They have been unemployed for 9 months.
They get about $700 in unemployment whatever each month between the two of them.
Mom wallows in her self-pity at Subway, wondering why her dreams of a happy home and life have been dashed away by the economy.
Dad drinks and smokes away his sorrows at a local bar.
The lazy, I don't do anything 17 year old son laments that his only option will probably be the military, but he wants hang-out time with his buddies and his XBox.
A poor 2 year old is learning the finer arts of being lazy from the drinking dad and spendy mom.

I know folks just get in a position where they feel things are bad and they see no way out, but good grief, this is ridiculous. The dad says he unwinds with his smokes and his drinks because he doesn't want to be a man in a bell tower with a rifle.

How about taking a job...any job? How about getting your wife, your son and get them a job too. McDonalds, even. Ditch the 4 cartons of cigarettes you bought, stop slurping up the beer pity party, and keep hunting for a JOB?

Fancy cell phones (yes, yes, I know I am a hypocrite there because I have one...) and XBoxes should have been sold off 7 months ago. Wash your own car -- you're complaining you only have so much money left, why spent $4 at a car wash? Unemployment officers concerned that you have a dusty car?

I suppose I'm just looking at things differently because I don't understand living that kind of life. I don't understand whiners not willing to try to help themselves. They've been unemployed for 9 months and no one thought to plant a couple tomatoes in the side yard? They feel bad because they are taking food froma church pantry and getting the Salvation Army to foot the electric bill, but they walk around leaving lights on and everyone scattering to a different room. They have a lay-away at KMart to pay but then they'd only have $30 until the next check comes in a week?

Boo hoo. Stop buying beers and cigarettes (what are they now for a carton? He wasted money on 4 of them). Oh, I's just something he does to relieve some of his depression. The man's sitting on rock bottom he says. You can't begrudge him a little 'luxury' now and then, can you?

I don't understand that kind of living, I guess. You whine there's no food but you'll waste money on beer and cigarettes. You bemoan your joblessness but you aren't hitting the streets and finding any sort of job. You are torn between paying a bill for a lay-away and hanging on to money in your pocket until next unemployment check arrives. Get rid of the fancy cell phone contract and go pay-as-you-go. Ditch the XBox and get your boy a job doing yard mowing for folks. Even if he only gets paid $5 or $10 for the work at least he's using something other than his lazy backside for a while.

There are some families who have hit the dirt, especially in places like Indiana where unemployment is so high, but they aren't wallowing the in the self-pity. They are trying to find ways to help themselves. That's the part I don't understand with this article. All whines and moans presented, and bottom line is they are a lazy family willing to do without food so they don't have to limit their personal wants.

That phrase mentioned by the survivalblog commenter seems very fitting -- white trash.

Yes, that's my rant today. Take the soapbox and find another use for it now. I don't like single-purpose items.


mrshester said...

FOUR CARTONS?! ON UNEMPLOYMENT?? That man ought to be taken out behind the smokehouse, if you ask me! Coming from one who used to smoke, how on God's beautiful green earth can he afford 4 cartons at a time?! I'm not sure how much the cheap brands cost now, but when I quit smoking, a carton of Marlboro's cost a little more than 30 bucks and from the way that article reads he doesn't sound like a cheap smokes kind of guy. And then when he gets lung cancer and they have to pay for his treatment or funeral, what then? Pretty sure they don't have good insurance anymore, what with both adults being unemployed. People make me so mad sometimes....

mrshester said...

Oh...I need to take something back. I went and read the article that survivalblog linked, the original one, and it was 4 packs he bought, not cartons. But still, those things are not cheap. Certainly not worth spending money on in that situation, or any situation for that matter. Nasty habit.

Married life said...

Very well written. I smoke but, my gosh 4 cartons! That would last me 6 months! What does he do smoke three packs a day...ick.


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