Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Step-by-Step -- The Healthcare Plan

TN Preppers Network has shared some excellent posts to help those of us 'average joes' wrap our minds around the healthcare plan we NEED to understand.

Take some time, grab your caffeine of choice, and get over there and start studying up on the future coming to your front door.


LizBeth said...

Check out heritage.org for some good evaluations of the "healthcare" battle.

Mrs. Trixi said...

I don't have to wrap my mind around much, as soon as I heard tax payer funded abortion, spacing out childbirth, and death planning, I new this was a bill straight from Satan. What just appauls me is that people will fall for this out of the selfishness of not having to pay for healthcare. My brother in law, who pays heftily for insurance for his large family, does not believe it will pass. I think it will. We live in a sinful, me, me, me society. I hope I am just pessimistic on this.


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