Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pay It Forward Give-Away update

We have two names already! Just one more "space" left for this go-round.

Come on now...just one more name to join in on the fun.

It's painless, really it is :o). I send 3 homemade gifts out and you announce your own Pay It Forward Give-Away on your blog and do the same...just 3 names, just 3 handmade gifts to send.

Who knows -- it may even come back around to you :o).

Think you aren't crafty? Oh, pa-sha! Everyone has some craftyness level. Crochet a pot holder -- knit a dish cloth -- there are lots of ideas out there. Don't listen to my goofy ideas -- I know ladies with a million and one thoughts roling in their heads for great craft ideas :o). I'm up to my ears in tomatoes again, so I'm a bit dense when it comes to ideas right now.

I know what I'm making to send off on my end...but I won't tell yet :o)

Step right up!
Don't be shy!
Come one, come all!
Just one more space folks...time's a'wastin!
Don't miss out on the give-away of a life-time here. Just one small space waiting on a friendly face to share in the fun :o)

I think I've seen a few too many old carnival movies :o). I sound like a carny!


Blessedmom said...

lol-and I was starting to hear the corny carnival music and everything.

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Ok...I'm in!

Donna and Greg said...

Is there a time limit set on this...I would love to do it but don't have anything made right now, so I would have to work on that. (boy what a run on sentence) Let me know!


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