Sunday, August 2, 2009

Miss Abigail's Fig Jam

Last night, about 8 pm, a neighbor called to see if we wanted some figs. The rains had really pushed her fig trees to their limits and so many were falling and going to waste.

Sure :o). Although 8 pm isn't when I'd be looking to start cooking down figs and making jam, I'm not going to pass up the gift for the pantry additions either :o)

Jennifer, Abigail and I set to rinsing the figs and setting them to boil. We pulled out the sugar bucket and started mashing cooked figs. In retrospect, I'll chop or shred them in the processor next batch I think. I have some large hunks of figs in there still, though no one will care here at all.

By midnight we had 6 pints and 3 quarts of fig jam setting on the counter gelling up. They look so pretty and delicious.

I have to find Trixi's delicious Strawberry recipe for the next gallons now so we can do some up that way. We'll be picking more figs this week between rains and stocking the shelves. I really should get some more pints, though. Might now want all quarts -- then again, if the strawberry fig preserves tase anything like fresh strawberry jam, we'll need quarts!


Stone Bridge Farm said...

I have never had fig jam, but I bet it is delicious! I too was up canning the other day until 2:30am...I did not anticipate it taking that long or I would not have started so late. =0)

Mia said...

Sounds good!


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