Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coconut Milk for allergies/sensitivities...ADHD triggers?

Michelle share a great post on coconut milk. I've been doing some reading, and while so many sites and references push soy (flour and milk mainly) and such as the prime alternative of choice, there is that concern about giving too much of it to boys. And the concerns that I have young ladies grooming for womanhood and marriage and families of their own some day.

I've heard about rice milk and noN we haven't tried it, but seriously, it just doesn't seem "right" in terms of calling it milk :o(
Could just be that milk = creamy and rich in my book and I just don't think along those terms about rice.

Coconut milk...rather aseems it could be the same, actually. And expensive. We are heavy milk drinkers here. We could easily go through 9 or more gallons weekly if given the option. The children will grab a glass of cold milk before anything else. Plus all the baking and cooking from scratch -- we make our own cream soups for bases, gravies, cheese sauces, etc. We buy dry milk powder and cans of evaporated and sweet condensed for the pantry (gotta have ice cream once in a while, you know!)

I can't see buying quarts or half-gallons of milk at all. I just don't shop that way. I don't think I know how to buy "half" anything :o(

I'm hoping that for Wild Child here, milk is not a trigger for him. We are totally on goats milk now, aside from the powdered in the pantry, and I'm hoping it continues to show little affect on him. I'm debating on soy flour still.

Changes we make here are whole family changes, so aside from what triggers Jacob most, we are also concerned with making healthier food changes for everyone. What we do we do as a family here. The dietary changes we are looking at are things that are important for each of us overall, not just sensitivity issues. We do things as a 'family', not as individuals here. We cut back sugars drastically and no one's feelings were hurt not being able to have a supply of cookies and baked goods :o).

Honestly, from my readings so far, the changes we are looking at making here, even the gluten limiting or even gluten-free, are healthier overall for everyone. That encourages us even more to make them whole family changes and not simply an individual change.

And this momma don't run some short order kitchen. We eat what is prepared for meals. There are no individual substitutions made based on preferences. Sure, we might make a batch of rice and pasta for the stroganoff because some are interested in one over the other, but all the time? Every meal? No way. Life is too short for spending that much time in the kitchen slave to the whims of stomachs :o)

What have you found to be beneficial to limit or remove from your menu? Sugars, food dyes, certain additives, etc? Anything jump out at you right away as a great change?


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber again. We make our own rice milk at home and are able to keep it on the pantry shelf for a year when its canned. Rice milk is all my kids can have or end up in the hospital. No it may not be regular milk but its cheap and they can have it with anything. They love the vanilla. I would rather my boys drink rice milk (made with organic rice) then to ever touch milk from the grocery. We do all our cooking from scratch and only use rice milk.
Do to the fact they have been like this since birth Dr. have always kept an I on there growing size and bone health. They are at the top of there class so to speak when it comes to the health of there bones and all around system. Rice milk may not be for everyone but I think God every day for it. Food allergies are very hard to deal with. We make the best with what we have...Love Amber from Kentucky

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

My ADHD girl does wonderful on Goat milk. She doesn't eat or drink cow milk, however, yogurt and kefir do not seen to bother her, I typically cook with yogurt and it bakes just like regular milk does. We eliminate refined sugars (cane sugar, corn syrup, fructose) and use honey and agava nectar. No artifical sweetners, Period! NO food dyes. We have been doing this for 2 months now and the difference has been dramatic for us.

As for soy milks and flour, I am very sensitive to estrogen and when I drink soy milks my cycle is terrible, so we don't drink soy.

Have you looked into Almond milk? It is easy to make on your own and yummy, especially on top of oatmeal.


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