Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Your 2010 Census

I'm not online today, but this came through a group I'm on about the 2010 Census questionnaire.

What kind of car I drive and where I drive it?
Must be to send Federal monies to pave my mountain roads.

Where I work and how long it takes to get there, what time I leave, etc?
Must be so we can make more "suitable" changes to Daylight Savings Time.

How many rooms are in my house, if I have a stove, toilets, showers?
Obviously that's for funding to ensure I have the right water meter and make sure I'm being taxed accordingly.

Do my children attend public school or private, what ages are they and what grades they are in?
Must be so they can cut back my tax portion that goes to the county school system we don't use. Of course, they'll just start taxing me per child, like they do cattle head or something.

Details concerning my income and how it's spent, where it comes from?
Well, there go my dreams of setting up a still and making my own biodiesel so I can snub my nose at them Revenuers!

Married, divorced, remarried, maybe even my fertility information?
LOL...I'm totally infertile, obviously. These 9 children came as a bonus with the purchase of the 20 acres. And here I thought the Government did that so I could later apply for a small business loan...

Seriously though, I have not checked out the link yet, being offline today, but there is nothing whatsoever Big Brother needs any of that knowledge for. I'm not naïve enough to believe it would be for future state funding in the areas of education, job services or my quality of life.

Think I need to be on vacation when the poll takers come to town.

You can see the complete questionnaire at:

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Tovah said...

I read most of the questionnaire. They "explain"/"justify" each of the questions individually. Very, very interesting. . .

It seems that the reasons they give for almost all of the questions is so they know how they can better allocate resources for the different government entitlement programs. Oh, also to make sure that their race based initiatives are doing whatever they're supposed to be doing.

It's an interesting read, but don't read it before you want to sleep or anything. It will probably take awhile before your blood stops simmering.



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