Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do you vote for?

"Senators and representatives who vote on bills they haven't read and don't understand betray their constituents' trust. It is no answer to say that Congress would get much less done if every member took the time to read every bill. Fewer and shorter laws more carefully thought through would be a vast improvement over today's massive bills, which are assembled in the dark and enacted in haste. [House Majority Leader] Steny Hoyer chortles at the thought of asking members of Congress to do their job properly. It's up to voters to wipe the grin off his face." --columnist Jeff Jacob

:::Remember that Cap and Trade stuff with some 300 pages hand delivered at 3 am the morning of the vote?
Have you wondered if they actually read anything they vote on? Do they have any kind of long term understanding of what their votes mean should something pass or fail the vote?
If you vote someone into office, don't you expect, or at least have a reasonable expectation of, their competence to read and understand a bill being presented for a vote?
Ah well, this is where you reap what you sow I suppose. Can't complain much I suppose. Just prepare and be ready when it rears back and kicks you in the face.

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