Monday, July 6, 2009

Well, things to do, lists to make...

Half the year is done. Half.

That means I need to be putting winter preps into place already. Winter preps. Good grief, it's hard to get into that frame of mind down here with upper 90's for temps. Winter doesn't bring what I think of as 'cold' really, so what do I prep for winter?

Food. I need to start hitting the farm stand down around Pontotoc and getting food stuffs to can for the pantry and larder. My own tomatoes don't look too bad, but still...the garden adventure this season would starve us in a real short time. I'm thankful there are still homegrown farm markets around where I can keep us from starving. There is a pressing need, an urge, to stop buying and start really producing here on the homestead, but there is still the availability and I'm very thankful for that.

Sewing. Man, I need to just make that a permanent part of the entry page here. I have sewing needs. I know, I was told just the other day I only have so many sewing needs because of my own choice so I shouldn't really complain.
Yeah, well, that's true enough, I guess. If we didn't wear dresses-only, I could shop at the local hussy mart with everyone else (don't bother...our WalMart is exactly that...jeans that are skin tight and don't even cover your bum, they hang off your hips, the underwear choices have slightly more fabric than the skirt selection does, and honestly, with as much added middle sections as we have here in Mississippi -- hello fattest state in the US -- I can't see being happy dressing like that. And the shirt selection...please...). And if we didn't wear headcoverings, I wouldn't have to stitch them either.
But, I dress as I dress and that means I have to sew. Call it one of those sacrifices I've chosen to make. Everyone makes them...some of mine just stand out a bit more obvious than some that others have chosen to make.

Trips away from the homestead. We have a few things planned coming up fairly soon and well, I need to get things prepared for that. If we make any trips back north this year, what do I do for animal care? It isn't easy leaving the homestead...but you can't always stay home-bound. Will be necessary soon enough the way things are going, but for now, there are families scattered all over, gatherings and the like to be taken into consideration. What do you do for animal care? I don't have much in the way of animals here really, unless you count a seemingly endless supply of dogs, but we do still have some needs to work out for feed and care. There are goats, there are milk goats, there are chickens...they need daily tending to. I can easily put out enough food for the dogs and cats...water, too...but the goats need more care. At least the milk goats do.
We have such a trip coming up soon. There are no real neighbors here (and I know, that's another life choice of mine...) so having someone stop by and take on the needs...well, it takes some planning.

Other winter needs I've been mulling I said, the obvious is clothing needs. We need a full set of new clothes for everyone. I can at least say I am thankful I don't need to add the typical winter in the north items, like mittens hats and scarves and long underwear to this list of needs we have, though! But, the list is still large and needs to be started soon to be completed. We need at least 3 outfits each, including the boys (which I've taken on many short cuts for and made their sewing easier).

Gift plans for the family. Grandma, Great Grandma, etc.

Wood supply is always needing replenishing. We didn't get to heat the entire season last year with only wood, but this year we will. And we are going to put the cookstove to alot of use this year over the electric stove.
But, those both require a lot of wood. Larger pieces for the heating aspects, and much more kindling size pieces for the cookstove needs. We were constantly splitting apart larger pieces last year. Not that you can't do it that way, but it would be much more easy to put the cookstove into use if the proper size of wood was prepared already. And the assorted 'kindling starters' that we use...last year, we used alot of pinecones from the back section of the property. They were from a downed tree, very dry and made starting the stove fire so much easier.

There are other things on my list of winter preps, but honestly, we will be sitting pretty if we can just get these few things handled. Better off than alot of folks, anyway.

Currently on the sewing list here -- we made Miss Emily a baby doll. She has several, but she's been carrying around all sorts of things lately as her 'baby' so we thought it was time for a new doll.

Now she needs clothing. We are going to make her a church dress and pinafore -- to match Miss Emily's new dress and pinafore. And she will get a new nightgown, again to match Miss Emily's.

And more baby items for this weekend's baby shower at church...
Baby Onesies
Baby Bibs

And my squares are for the putting together of the project next in line...

Oh, and our fireworks display? It lasted just over 2 hours.. I'm sure we were watched by alot of the mountainside out here as this year's selections were huge, and most of them went far higher than any we had done before. One neighbor drove up to get the bird's eye view and fellowship with us.
not the best picture, but hey, it comes from my cell only get so good, you know. I tried to get another decent one, but man, I just got lucky with what I managed in this one. I think it turned out kind of nice actually.

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Angie said...

I'm right there with you on needing to do those winter preps! The garden is slowly giving some of our needs, however it won't give us all of our needs. We are planning a trip to Lehmans next month and that should accomplish alot! Thanks for continuing to be great encouragement!


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