Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday To-Do's

Laundry is already hanging out -- needed a load of towels done It kept threatening rain again yesterday, even showed some good storms on the radar feed, but alas, I waited on laundry for nothing. I should have just done it and had it rained, moved things to the porch or something. I have a couple folding racks I could have set up, and it's easy to run a line across the porch out front. It's not as though we live on some mainline highway. Our usual traffic is mail delivery and the end-of-the-road neighbors getting customers for their 'honey business' -- and I don't mean sweet honey, either...and their clientel tends to come on payday for 5 minutes of purchase.

But, I didn't wash anything, so today's the day. The radar feed is clear aside from clouds, and my laundry doesn't mind clouds at all :o) Next in line for washing is the socks and underthings, then will be dresses and boys clothes. Might even see the sun peek out by then.

The goat room was cleaned out this morning before breakfast and fresh bedding in place. As soon as the crew finishes breakfast and clean-up, 2 of the middles will head back out and attack the chicken pen. It's compost. Someone skipped their job last week before Dad came home it appears. Poor birds don't even have hay in the nesting boxes :o( They'll have a coop clean enough to eat in before lunch time today, though. Then the center of the barn needs cleaning. A few things have been taken in and just laid there -- nowhere near where they belong. No wonder no one can find tools when they need them.

Might get to the chicken fence today, but I don't know about that yet. The ground is a bit soft due to rains, and I might be able to get some post holes dug out, but I already know what that will do for me...I can feel my wrists and arms rebelling already with just the thought! But, it needs done. I only need 2 more holes for the wood posts. I can do that much, right?

I'm going to start putting the blocks together today also. I sort of laid them out last night, but I will spread them out along the table and see what I like best. I still haven't decided on a backing or the binding yet. LOL...I tend to do things on the fly as it were.

And the printer will be smokin' today getting ready for Nim's Island to begin. We have maps and animal sheets and weather centers to get ready. We already have a good amount of State study work done, so I could be about out of ink.

Tomorrow is water day -- I need to fill all 21 jugs this week.

And we might make it over for the Junior Rangers program -- they do it on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, so if we miss it tomorrow we'll catch it up this weekend. This week is Fur, Feathers and Scales: The Animals of The Natchez Trace. Next week they will learn about wildfires and being a Wildland Fire Fighter, practicing the skills and tools of wildland fire prevention and control. They are excited about both of these. They sound like fun.

I think that's the main thing for the day. Regular schooling stuff, maybe some baking tucked in here and there, but mostly hand-work on the homestead today.

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