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Testimony of Grace: Beware the Spirit of Compromise

Oh this is so right and so true.
The entire post is good, but honestly, this is THE point.

I needed to read and tomorrow and a reminder.

I've watched so many Sisters do this same thing. Not just in areas of headcovering, but in dress, being quiverful, SAHM, homeschool and the homesteading way of life.

They are so convicted. They are so set on fire Spiritually. It is life without ties and hindrances for them. They speak deeply about how free they feel, how they have gotten so close to The Lord through their sense of obedience and understanding.

And one by one they walk away from it. Headcovering becomes a legalistic issue in their eyes and oh how much freedom they feel without the legalistic fabric of oppression on their heads. And dress falls away -- they can be just as modest in tight pants and slogan covered t-shirts, more than any time spent being so 'different' and so legalistic in a dress.

And homeschooling turns into a 'need to be with their peers' and how they can be light in a fallen world in school.

And homesteading falls away the easiest. They want cable because of it's educational shows. The family prefers store-bought breads, and well they are so much more convenient anyway. They want a new vehicle so they'll go to work and what began as short-term has sucked them in and years have passed. They have been lured away from church, they leave the fellowship online of groups of like-minded families because they simply are too stern with their rules and their self-imposed boundaries now. There is nothing like-minded, just judgmental overzealous religious folks. And goodness, they don't have time for animals anymore when it's cheaper to buy eggs and vegetables instead of raising them yourself.

I don't understand it. When did God change His Word? What sparked this fire in them before yet now they read it to be a false bondage and can turn so easily from what they once were so steadfast and strong in? If you are so convinced it is the only way to live, what suddenly turns you? I don't get it. I don't make changes based on winds of the church. I don't understand how folks do that I guess.

Either way --

:::I'm amazed at the heat I take for a silly little thing on my head.
It absolutely never ceases to amaze me. I can watch a movie that's riddled with violence, bad language and sexual overtones; I can walk around a beach with just enough material to cover the private parts that God gave me; I can regularly exceed the speed limits while driving; I can overeat in the name of Christian fellowship; I can step on people's heads and feelings on my way up the corporate ladder all in the name of 'ambition'...I can do so many things that are clearly sinful, clearly not holy, clearly meant to satisfy my flesh and my flesh alone -- appealing to my lower nature and not to my spiritual one -- and no one would say a word to me about it.

But this little piece of fabric causes such an offense that even the people closest to us want to pin it on something -- so, what the heck, they call it selfishness. I am now selfish for covering. I did it for me. Sadly, they fail to understand that I wouldn't have willingly put myself in this place!
Do they think I like the sideways glances? Do they think I like being thought of as strange? Do they think it's enjoyable when many of my church friends offer me weak smiles and seem to 'tolerate' me?

It's hurtful. It's painful: the looks, the disdain, the disapproval. But when I aspire to holiness, when I respond with obedience, when I try to stay the course I felt the Lord put me on, I am put down. I'm looked down upon.

But should it surprise us, dear sisters? No.
And hold on. For dear life. Reach down into yourselves and find the stubborn stuff that true faith is made of and march on. Love those who disapprove of your covering -- love them, pray for them, do kindly to them. But don't turn back.
Don't falter for lack of support. If you only get that support from your online sisters, then stay in close contact with them. Don't let them go.
Beware of the moments you don't feel you need to cover. Beware of the 'it's not that big a deal' doubts and thoughts. We are all one another have. Beware of the spirit of compromise and don't let it creep into your walk with Christ, nor your covering journey. Hold on. Tow the line.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post. It convicted and encouraged me. I did not see the original post on the website that was listed though. Unfortunately, I can relate to this post. I am going to share it with my husband tonight.



Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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