Friday, July 10, 2009

Stocking Prescription Meds... Shared a good article on stocking meds for the longer term. Several ideas shared for those with chronic illnesses who want to store several months or better.

If you have to take meds for something a bit more benign than that, check out your personal health a bit more. Just an idea, but if you weigh 300lbs and have to take a slew of Rx's for diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Your long term health would be far better off getting serious about dumping that weight. Everyone has issues -- don't carry them like a badge or use them as a crutch. Grow up and move into what is clearly more healthy. I'm not saying it's easy at all, and hey I could certainly stand to lose plenty of weight myself, but it's just common sense to manage your health better if you expect any quality of life.
Mississippi is still crawling along, huffing and puffing with the most overweight, obese people in the Nation. Alabama is seriously catching up. It really kills me to see Mom and Dad Fat walk into WalMart with their batch of fat kids...some are well beyond overweight at even 5 or 6 yo! What is wrong with this picture??? Why walk through WalMart loading that cart with chips, frozen pizza, TONS of cola, snack and sugared up everything to feed your fat children? Have you no common sense? The children are too young to know better but you as the parent have no excuse. Dump that garbage ans spend the same amount on fresh fruits, veggies and even something akin to protein. lost in the soapbox moment there. It just irritates me to see a 150lb 7 year old walking around the store whinning about the sugared cereal and chips they want.

Either way -- check out the SurvivalBlog's article on Prescription meds. For some ideas on stocking that.

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