Monday, July 6, 2009

A start for Nim's Island

We found this neat site on the ocean's layers, along with several side links to some sea creatures as well

We begin Nim's Island this week...including studies on hurricanes, topical climates, zoology of Nim's Island (sea lions, blue whales, iguanas, dolphins, frigate birds, sea turtles and plankton). We can do a great study on the Galapagos Islands,

The book isn't much really -- barely makes 125 pages, but I think between the CurrClick class study and the various fun stuff we can find ourselves, it will be a fun 8 weeks. I admit I don't see pulling it out to 8 weeks with a book no larger than this, but it's an island -- there are just so many neat things we can study!

We even found some crafts to do...a great looking page with a paper-craft iguana, making a barometer, etc.

We'll be scouring the web for more things as we go along. And who knows...if this goes well, we'll jump to Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe next and make a summer study of island survival :o)

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Sheryl said...

Hello! I found your blog while searching for supplemental material for the CurrClick live class (which is sounds like you are registered for too). Thanks for all of the great links.



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