Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Challenge -- the dreaded storeage closet

Gee, thanks, Sara :o) You aren't easing on that accountability thing, huh? But, that's good. Dewey comes home for good Friday! A clean(er) less cluttered home is what he deserves after being gone so long.

Today we attack the closet in my room. It's not really a closet. It's a storage room for accumulated what-not. It's supposed to be a closet, but...well...

I can not believe I'm posting pictures of it :o(
Talk about airing your dirty laundry. It's an utter disgrace.

The majority of boxes in here are either fabric (I have some 600 yds bought last year, remember?) Or they contain canning jars waiting to be filled. We bought about 25 cases of quarts over the last season, plus scored countless dozens via our local group.

There is, however, more paper clutter here as well. I have enough miscellaneous paper clutter to bed down the entire barnful of animals we have :o(

Truth be told, I can't say the closet area will actually look to have any real difference once worked through. It's the space I have inside for items I prefer to keep out of the humidity and away from critters. The only real thing that will organize the space is a serious give-it-all-away yard sale! Just brutal, no peeking, just dump and run away quickly.

But, we'll do what we can with the space. Maybe some shelving? Hmmm...


Kimberly said...

Ugh. Looks like a big job! Kudos to you for tackling it!

Blessedmom said...

That's what us accountability partners are for. lol. Quite honestly I haven't felt quite up for dealing with any of our stuff today, either, I'm sitting down now, we just finished lunch, and I'm enjoying some tea. I think I'll wait a bit and let that caffiene hit my brain before I get up to work again.

As homeschoolers, we are home ALL the time, and it should be a top priority for us to keep our homes as nice as we can for that very reason. Who wants to stay home in a sty.

For me, when my home is clean, I want to cook more, I want to use up what I have instead of going out and buying more, I want to be home, but when it's a disgusting mess, as is mine right now,(less 2 rooms)I want to be as far from here as I can, so we eat out more, we go buy things when we have most whatever we need right here in our home, we just can't find it, and we are always on the go to get away from what's staring us right in the face.

One key thing, that I need to do, after this is all said and done, is have a routine in place so that these rooms can stay clean and uncluttered. That's why I think the Flylady zones would work wonderfully for us. I don't like some things about the flylady program, but I think mostly that's because I just don't wanna do it. lol. If we keep the zones in place, at least once a month, we will have to focus on each area of our home, and do what I'm having to do in 2 weeks of extremely hard work.

I think we all have a closet, area, drawer, room, or in my case house like that closet. A place where things go that we just do not know what to do with. I think if we just stopped and realized it, most of that kind of stuff can just be thrown out. I have a habit when I'm getting rid of stuff of constantly asking myself, well, I can't use this for "whatever it was used for" but can it be used for something else later?

I'm all about stocking up on needed items, recycling, reusing, etc, but we have to really consider what we actually need and if we will actually use it.

Ok, enough babbling,the gears are turning, I better get back to work.



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