Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catch and Release Flies ... It's the humane thing to do

Ok, I missed this completely. And I needed a good laugh, too. But, better late than never, right?

I feel I should make a confession. I need one of those things from PETA, too. I'm glad I'm a quiet little nobody here and no one cares, because I don't need the wrath of PETA over the sheer terrorist-like destruction of innocent life I commited last night. There were two of the LARGEST HORSE FLIES buzzing about, dive-bombing my living room like you cannot even imagine! They were huge. They were quick-witted and equally swift of wing. But we got 'em. And it didn't look as nifty nor as humane a death as Obama's either. We attacked Military style and in-force.
And I am sure there is still some residual mess to deal with on the wall.
I swear on my honor that in the future I will practice humane catch-and-release techniques on any horse flies I cross paths with.
Maybe I could FedEx them to PETA headquarters?

"Obama Swats Fly during CNBC Interview"

::::Published: Thu June 18th, 2009
​By: Robert Dougherty ​Category: Opinion and Editorial

PETA was the only group not laughing when Barack Obama killed a fly this week.

The Obama fly swatting on CNBC forced PETA to speak out against Obama yesterday. PETA took a while to slam President Obama for fly murder, but finally got around to condemning Obama for his war-mongering on flies. They even had a gift for Obama so he can treat flies more humanely next time.

PETA took Obama to task for his CNBC interview earlier in the week, when a spare fly buzzed around the President.

The President was praised for having quick reflexes in swatting the fly, as CNBC showed the fly's corpse moments later.

While the late night comics had their fun with the Obama fly incident, PETA was not amused. In fact, PETA condemned the President for killing the defenseless fly, and offered him a way to not have to resort to murder next time.

PETA sent Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, so that the President can trap a fly and then release him, rather than slaughter him on national television.
Having this bug catcher next to him, protecting him from flys, should give his future White House interviews a greater visual style.

Of course, PETA had some stern words for the President for actually killing the fly in the first place.

Spokesman Bruce Friedrich urged Obama to show compassion towards "the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals." He even dared to suggest Obama wasn't perfect, despite his votes on behalf of animal rights and against animal cruelty in the Senate.

President Obama earned PETA's wagging finger - although unlike other critics, PETA is far less likely to get mad if he acts like a socialist. It may also be further proof that Obama doesn't always have the magic touch in TV interviews, no matter how often he tries to show it.

Even supporters like Bill Maher have taken Obama to task for all the TV interviews he has done since taking office. Obama's CNBC interview was just the latest in what seems like hundreds. But when someone spends that much time in front of the camera, inevitably, they will make some sort of gaff to draw mockery or slight outrage.

This Obama gaff cost a fly his life, although it did get him a little gift from PETA in return.

The flies, however, are still waiting for a bailout.

Christian Science Monitor- "PETA condemns Obama for murdering innocent fly"

WITN- "PETA: Obama Swatting A Fly On TV Indicates He's Not Perfect"

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Katy said...

Isn't it crazy that they are worried about him swatting a FLY???

Just found your blog and wanted to say HELLO! :)


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