Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bulk/Quantity/OAMC...what do you call it?


I *love* Ellen's Kitchen site! Between her site and my bulk/quantity cookbooks we aren't at a loss for cooking and baking ideas at all.

Right now we are looking ahead to that special event coming up. Everyone wants to make the fun stuff -- you know, the desserts :o). But, man does not live by cake alone...yeah, a bit of a misquote there, but you know what I mean :o)

We need some real food. Something made up in quantity, delicious, and still easy enough to keep the stress level down.

Sticky Chicken is our stand-by. I suppose if I had a "signature meal" for large gatherings, it would be the Sticky Chicken. It's ultra easy -- 2 roasting hens to a 9x13 pan, rub on seasoning blend, toss in the oven for about 5 hrs, baste if you think about it. Can't get easier than that.

We usually do up 8 hens at a time. If the oven is occupied for 5 hrs, may as well fill 'er up :o). We debone the meat, everything mixes with the sticky seasons, then we drizzle with some of the strained juices or extra chicken broth, toss in a large tinfoil pan or the Nesco, cover with foil and let it all heat together to keep warm.

Makes a great dinner with some gravy and mashed potatoes, or cold as sandwiches. Quantity at it's best, I think.

Another favorite is BBQ Beans. Blend some beans with browned meat, seasons and such. Great hot but just as good cold!

Now, desserts. I like Ellen's freezable pie crusts. One recipe makes up 20 reg pie shells (10 2-crust), or 16 deep dish (8 2-crust) or 10 9x13 pan crusts for cobblers.

Add some of your favorite pie fillers, or quiche recipes, and you have a great addition to your freezer stash.

So...that special gathering. I'm thinking Sticky Chicken, BBQ Beans, mom's looking at BBQ Roast and then we'll need buns, maybe a dessert, or some potato salad. I'm no good with potato salad. I have tried several recipes but I must have a mental block about it or something because it just doesn't have the taste I'm looking for :o(

Now if you want to share a favorite family recipe to help me along....hint hint


Dana said...

For big gatherings we normally do "BBQ" like a hm sloppy joe but not as tangy as the stuff you get in a can, ugh I can't even get past the smell of that stuff in the can let alone eat it but the homemade version made with hamburgeris yummy. OR you could do traditional bbq with either beef or pork, add some buns and cole slaw with either of the 3 recipes and you got a yummy start!! Oh and the hm hambuger "BBQ" is also good with hotdogs, kind of like a chili dog.

We normally also do Mac and cheese, it works well in large quantities as well.

BBQ Sandwiches, hot dogs
hm Mac and cheese
Sweet Ice tea and lemonade

MMM what time is dinner?
LOL I hope your gathering goes well!!!

Blessedmom said...

We love hillbilly housewife's recipes, the old site, not the new one...anyways, we do the sticky chicken, and their potato salad, but especially their coleslaw, it's always a good vegetable side standby.

As Simply As We Can said...

What oven temp do you use when baking them for 5 hours? And also please share the seasonings you use for the chicken ~ it sounds really good!


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