Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bulk Canning Lids

Dirt Under My Nails posted about bulk canning lids. As she says, it is that time of year again!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Bulk Canning Lids

Wanted to share a wonderful place to buy bulk canning lids!!
I found this place by way of the food storage group at yahoo. Its called Dutchman's Store. They have no website (pretty sure they are Amish).

They sell 345 regular canning lids for $34.95 and 288 wide mouth lids for $35.95. Plus shipping. My shipping charge was $15.00 (west central Ohio). That's better priced than what I can buy them for locally. This is the first place I have come across that sells them in bulk. I can't verify the quality(haven't used them yet), but plenty of the gals on the food storage group like them.

They take phone orders and can take credit cards or they will wait for your check to clear. I sent a check and they were here quickly.Here is their info for anyone interested:

Dutchman's Store
103 Division St.
Cantril, IA 52542
phone 319-397-2322
fax 319-397-2370

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Thanks for linking to my page!!


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