Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blessed Simplicity: A Home Challenge

Well, thanks a lot Sara. I was happy-go-lucky here, enjoying a little crochet work while peaceful quietness reigned here on the homestead...and I just felt like checking the Reader.

And there sits A Home Challenge. Right there on top -- TWICE in my Reader, no less.

Obviously The Lord wants to remind me of that cleaning and organizing challenge I started a while back. A while back...long enough there's no excuse for it not being check-marked off my general list, that's for sure :o(

Ok, my "areas" of need are these:

1) Front porch and front yard. A mess. Cinder blocks unstacked, a dog run in need of attention, just miscellaneous needs.
2) Living room/Dining room. This is where you are when you first walk in the house. It's our schooling area as well.
3) Kitchen/Laundry room/Wood room. The kitchen is separate from the living room by an island, and off it to the back is the laundry room, off to the front is the 'wood room' -- our woodstove and wood cookstove pretty much take it all.
4) Our bedroom/closet.
5) Pantry/our bathroom area
6) Girls room
7) Boys room
8) Main bathroom by the children's room and off living room
9) Center of barn
10-12) the work building. We need to go through all 3 freezers and clean and organize, inventory, etc. Not to mention just try to clean up the building itself.

Ok. Now, I don't have a real good plan of motion in mind here. We aren't on any sort of school break really, but it is summer and we do take breaks and such at whim around here. That's why we school year-round :o).

Time-frame wise, I'd like to see the inside duties done this week as much as we can. Dewey will be home Friday, Lord Willing, and it would be a nice welcome home for good, don't you think?

Unlike brave Sara, though, I'm just not sure I can do the *before and after* photos. She said she will share the good, the bad, and the ugly. That's great, but several of these areas only encompass the UGLY. I just have way too much pride to be a good Christian :o(

Maybe I'll share....Maybe just some 'during' photos.

So -- who else is up for some Pre Back to School House Cleaning fun? Go visit Sara at Blessed Simplicity and let her know you're game for some accountability!

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Blessedmom said...

Gotta love that convicting spirit God gives, don't ya! I actually believe I joined in with you when you tried this a month or so ago and also failed miserably. Maybe it's the way we go about tackling it. For me, I think it's easier at least when my house is a disaster, to systematically go from room to room or area to area and clean that one spot and then move onto the next working on the next and maintaining what's been done. I'm definately the type A and if you tell me to just go clean the house, you'll lose me in the first 5 minutes because I don't even know where to begin. But if I can tell myself, ok, today you'll work on the kitchen, tomorrow the family room, etc I can focus a lot better.

And as for sharing pictures, the only good you will see is the after. My house is a wreck, books piled high, dishes not all done,mountains of laundry, the whole lot. It is most definately shameful, but I just decided to let that shame go and bare all, so to speak. lol.

I'm thinking tomorrow I will start in the kitchen, because as goes the kitchen, so goes the rest of the house. At least that's how it works for us. So we'll see you in the morning with the before....



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