Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is being Off-The-Grid for you?

It's not some secret that I like to read Michael Bunker's writings and sharings.

The Process Driven Life

Lazarus Unbound sharing many of the sermons from The Ranch
The Best of Bunker...links to the entire Off Grid series here, plus a few other goodies worth paying heed to.

I personally find a lot of wisdom, and alot of food for thought, around his pages and comments. know alot of folks don't care for his ways of sharing at all. And they don't appreciate being stepped on during a quiet afternoon reading on topics of a deep nature.

But, that's how life goes. You like something or you don't. I don't like some things, too, but I know enough to know that most likely where I'm offended there is a reason for my offense. And I don't get offended much, not the way some folks do.

All that babbling of mind aside, Mr Bunker has a wonderful series (a few of them, actually) on Off the Grid living. That is something I tend to walk towards, and more and more feel as though I should be running towards. It isn't all about ditching the cell phone and the computer. It's more about living a life more open to what Scripture shares about life and lifestyles. I suppose it's something different for everyone, so use whatever definition trips your trigger best ;o) I'm just sharing what I like and what I figure is of some benefit...to me, anyway.

(I happen to like this article as well...with a large family and a declining world around me, and those 2 woodburning stoves here on the homestead, this is a handy little piece of knowledge... Personally, I'd be printing everything off you find that may be of use later. Websites come and go, and there's no promise things will be there when you want to recall them or put them into practical use).

The colonized mind must defend this world and its ways because it loves the world. That is a fact. It is a sad and scary fact, but it is a fact. The world will not listen to your reasoning as to why you have rationally and reasonably come to reject their worldview. They must not listen, because if they do - they will come face to face with their primary love... their love of the world. They must embrace this world and never for a minute weaken their grasp on it, because it is all they have. Never mind that:

a.) their culture is evidently crumbling around them.

b.) with all their time and labor-saving devices, they must work harder with less (in real terms) to show for it. Where a man used to be able to work to support his whole family, now, most two-earner families must utilize mountains of debt in order to maintain a worse standard of living. Families suffer, marriages are temporary, children reject God (or embrace a fake 'god' of their own mind and creation), and the worldling can't stop for a moment on the treadmill of this worldly life or they will be crushed under the weight of the cost of their lusts.

c.) their religion is designed to fit neatly into their worldview. It is rubber and flexible and doesn't for a minute challenge or confront the world that it upholds so wonderfully. In fact, modern "christianity" is the merely the religious arm of the industrial world; it is a fully owned subsidiary of the world system that hates Jesus Christ (Luke 19:14, John 7:7). This is why I call modern “christianity” Jesus Christ, Inc.

Religion (at least modern plastic religion) is indeed the opiate of the masses, and for those who are fully and completely brainwashed and colonized by the industrial religious cult, any defection from complete and idolatrous worship of technology and the industrial Leviathan is treason of the highest order.

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Jeremiah 6:16
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