Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oops to Comments and tasks today

Well, I need to make another apology here it seems.

I am not simply moderating comments to some wild standard...however, I did end up deleting 2 yesterday from the post I'm guessing. They came through the mail to be approved and I had done what I believe it said but I don't see them on the post, nor do I see them in the list to be moderated.

LOL...so now it appears that I'm being way beyond a censorship Czar here :o(
Honestly that is not the case at all. I'm just ignorant with the technology of mobile blogging I guess.

Sorry commenters -- I'll try to get my buttons together better here.

Today's Plan --
Early chores then inside schooling today as it's supposed to be nearing 103 with the heat index...

Finished one dress yesterday, so hopefully another done today...

A light dinner in such heat...maybe a layered taco salad and peach crisp...

No Revival tonight -- 2 of the middles were sick with what seems to be just a quick hit-n-run stomach thing, but that's more than enough for us to stay home. No point sharing the illness as so many others do in church!

That's good -- between the sewing and school work, and pulling another batch of junk from that closet project, we should be kept busy enough.

The Quilt-Along is coming along on my end with most of the 1st project blocks finished and a good amount of the 2nd project blocks ready as well.

As to the general block a day plan, I'm going between more of the Raggedy Squares and the Baby Log Cabin blocks and am putting a pile of scraps to a better use than sitting in the bin. It was getting bad here with scraps -- I was going to have to add a couple 33 gal drums to my interior decorating scheme just to hold them! I just don't see that making the spread of Home Beautiful or Southern Living, do you?

How is everyone else coming on the Quilt-Along?


Amy said...

It was in the 90s here at 11 AM. bleurg...I'm staying inside, too!

That stomach bug seems to be making the rounds!

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I agree...inside is the best place with heat so thick you can see it :o)

I'm glad the stomach bug is going in short spurts like this. I certainly don't like it when someone comes down with something that lasts a while...by the time it circles through here we've been missing in action for quite some time.


Amanda said...

I enjoy your blog very much but miss your music player :(

LizBeth said...

Deanna, I don't have much time for blogging these days, but I still enjoy reading yours. Think of you as my neighbor. God bless you and yours. Liz


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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