Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Enterprise -- Generation Cedar


You know, you really just need to put Generation Cedar on your Reader, in your Bookmarks, wherever you need to have it to get updates and not miss things. They have shared nothing but blessings in their wonderful posts.

This latest sharing is definitely no exception! They are starting a series about the family as an enterprise. You just have to read it.

Enterprise:   "a systematic unit of economic organization or purposeful activity."

If we viewed the family as an enterprise, wouldn't these issues that are so controversial unravel a bit?  Wouldn't we see things in such a different light? Again, I must speak as a Christian, to Christians, with God's Word as my baseline.  Nevertheless, God's principles work to an extent in anyone's life.
1. If we viewed the family as  an enterprise, it would completely change the way we view children.  Children who only take from the family are considered burdens; children who give back are blessings.  People want more blessing; they don't want more burden.  It's that simple.

There is plenty more -- get over there and read!
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