Friday, June 5, 2009

End of Another Week

Yesterday we made a trip to Tennessee to the Amish Bulk store we shop at and stocked our Prairie Gold and rolled oats, as well as more Sambucol, Jacob's tea and a bag of licorice whips for the ride home. And we picked up about 12# of ripe bananas....can you smell the banana bread???

With the grocery items needed for the 3 week menu we put together, we spent a total of $111.46. It would have been more if we didn't have most the necessary staples in the pantry stock already, but it could have been so much less if I were stocked back to peak usage. I can see areas that definitely need work in that pantry.

We have about half the blocks for the sewing projects completed now. If I had a couple hours to devote purely to sewing, I could easily get them all finished, they are so easy to whip together. But, there just isn't a 2 hour block unless I stay up at night. The morning wake up at 5:30 comes too early for me to be much of a night owl. Sure, back in the day I might have made a late night and still come out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come sunrise, but man, I'm just getting to old for that :o)

Today, Jacob needs to go to the doctor to get his hand checked. He was stung yesterday afternoon by one of those wicked red wasps we have down here in the palm of his hand. No stinger left, we put drawing salve on to be sure, but found nothing. However, the pad of his thumb and up into both thumb and index finger is rather swollen still, even with a few doses of Benadryl between then and now. Time for someone to check him out I suppose.

The Plans of The Weekend:
  • After that, we have that water pipe to fix under the house.
  • And I need to finish mowing the yard around the barn and lower garden spot.
  • Our preacher is doing a Revival next week at a church over the mountain so I need to get a couple new outfits stitched up for the boys especially. Shirts, we don't have a problem with. I can always buy regular button front shirts and simply remove the collars, but pants are a bit different. They do have a couple pairs of khakis, but we need more. Poor everyday chore clothes are about worn to a frazzle and barely have enough remains of real pants to even patch up! Slacker mom needs a good solid weekend of sewing, that's obvious!
  • Laundry is already moving outside and more loads on the way. Linens and such are hanging out today.
  • Chicken yard needs cleaning up, so does the pen area in the barn. And the goat room needs freshening. Oh, just figure the whole barn needs a good freshening. Goats need tethered out in the back pasture area today to enjoy the sunshine and weedy twigs that have taken over again. Perhaps Cotton and Buddy -- the Great Pyrs we have -- would enjoy a bit of a trist as well ;o)
  • Banana bread (recipe shared on the kitchen blog) to be made, and more Amish Starter to get working.
  • next week's schooling to flesh out with some projects for fun
  • pen letters to get written and quilt blocks to get sent off, late as usual.

There will be plenty of miscellaneous other things to get done. The Homestead list of To-Do's is never empty, that's for sure.

One last note (and you knew this was coming, I'm sure)
To my anonymous commenter of yesterday's post...
Your comment, while shared in honesty I'm sure, has been removed from my blog due to being shared in a manner not appropriate for the younger children who view my pages.
In the future, should you wish to share your views about any of my postings, you are invited to, providing you can do so in a polite and adult manner, sharing any Scriptures you have to back your position against (or even for) my views as I share them, and with the strength of your own convictions to share without hiding behind the tag of anonymous coward.
Until then, if nothing else can be agreed upon between us, we can certainly agree that you will most likely find another blog here more appropriately suited to your tastes and convictions beside mine.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Until further notice, we will no longer accept anonymous comments shared. Personal attacks on our beliefs, our convictions, our way of life, will be deleted at once.
You are welcome to disagree with any or all of what we choose to share on our blog, however, if you expect to be treated with any level of respect in your disagreement, you should have the strength of your own convictions to back you up and that is shown by not hiding in the shadows as an attacking troll/anonymous commenter.
I stand 100% behind everything I choose to share on my blog, and I would hope that you would also.

Barb said...

Where did you go to get your wheat? I would prefer to support local (or as local as I can get) economy.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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