Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogging Privileges...

I've added another button to my sidebar -- I know, I know....cluttered lifestyle, cluttered blog page. It's a thing with me, I guess. You'll adjust to my clutter, and I do try to keep it somewhat organized. This is my notebook, my scribble page, my journal. I keep things here that I want to keep track of.

What I share are things that interest me. Things that spark my interest in learning more or digging into what is shared even more deeply. I share things that are happening here to remember them, but moreso to learn from them as I continue along in this life.

I share what I like. I write what I think at any given time, and I write to engage -- generally I prefer not to engage in arguments and the like, but sometimes you learn more through those times than during peaceful encounters.

I am an open person. There are no secrets, I am not hiding behind some unrealistic blog persona. What you see is what you get in real life as well. I don't do the mask thing. I don't change with every given motion of the wind. Like I said, I am what I am and that's all I am.

So, in that respect, here's the new blog button. Rules of Engagement are linked to the button, and a blurb shared below. I will try to live up to the agreement I am making by sharing this button, commenters should try to do the same please.

Whatever I write on here is my site to do so. If something offends you, you are welcome to press the little red X in the right corner of your screen.

I promise not to steal anything that belongs to you, but if I borrow it I promise to give you due credit. If you like me to not link to you, please let me know and I will be happy respect your wishes. If you are going to link to me or use any of my articles or images, please let me know.

I welcome you to comment and discuss topics with me, but the only free speech on this blog is MINE. I have the right to delete any comment that I deem necessary. As SunnieMom says, “I won’t allow constant unrelated comments to derail the train of thought I am conducting. And I AM the conductor.”

Rules of Engagement:

  1. When you comment please make sure to sign-in or sign your name/link to the comment. Anonymous comments aren’t allowed. All comments go into moderation, no need to post them twice. They will appear on the site after I read and approve them. If you wish to edit your comment just click on it (you have a 30min). I do edit and delete those which are unacceptable.
  2. In submitting a comment, use a working email address that belongs to you so that I may contact you if need be. *Your email is NOT shown publicly.
  3. I am a Christian-blogger, and Christ bashing will not be tolerated, and will be deleted.
  4. If your argument with another poster becomes heated, remember: agree to disagree. Do not resort to personal attacks, and do not belittle someone else’s argument. Snarky, hateful, unnecessary remarks will not be tolerated, and will be edited/deleted. Instead of making it personal, use reason and persuasive skills to make your point or criticize theirs.
  5. All comments must be intelligent and civil. You may state your opinion in a civil manner, but arguing/debating will not be tolerated. Within comments, use a friendly, conversational tone and be creative. Go ahead and show off your ability to communicate.
  6. Any disrespectful comments to adults will be edited or, if necessary, deleted. Dishonouring adults/parents will not be tolerated on this weblog.
  7. Anonymous argumentative comments will be deleted.
  8. Comments using selected profanity are automatically deleted - nobody will ever see them.
  9. Read the entirety of the post before commenting. A poorly written, off subject comment leaves others wondering “did they even read it?”
  10. Blogging is a hobby that connects us with others from all over the world. Be courteous, be kind and most of all, have fun.

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