Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And just one more thing...

Ace is just wonderful :o) LOL...not that she knows I've said that, but if by chance she stops by, she'll see it. I've shared a lot of information there, been lead down a fair amount of great bunny trails from her blogging. I have a couple of folks I love to visit because I know I will find out things that the common folk simply don't have time to hear. Things that in the long run, I really need to know and be prepared for. And no, she didn't even pay for this advertisement ;o)

Today was one of those informative days.

The FDA wants to regulate Tylenol? Tylenol? A prescription for simple Tylenol? Great timing there Big Brother.

When You Kinda Know You Shouldn't...But You Just Can't Help Yourself..

Now, understand full well that I KNOW I should just keep my mouth shut here. I really, really do...will I...well I just have to say ONE more thing....

I had decided to stop doing prep posts because frankly at this point....either you do or you don't. BUT...I decided to throw one more flag out there...you decide...

Remember over a year ago when children's cold and flu medications were taken away?

FDA may put restrictions on Tylenol

ADELPHI, Md. – The makers of Tylenol, Excedrin and other medications are trying to dissuade regulators from placing new restrictions on their popular painkillers, including possibly removing some of them from store shelves.

Here is the full article http://www.healthzone.ca/health/article/658416

The weird thing is, this isn't being very widely reported. AND if this goes through you will need a PRESCRIPTION to take two extra strength Tylenol. Oh, AND this may go through for things like cold and flu meds as well. OHH! And just in time for socialised medicine..YIPPEE!

OH, AND it is coming up on what is predicted as the biggest and baddest flu season ever...pandemic level 6 remember?

OH AND there appears to be a dog strain of the flu and one that is medication resistant...and the deaths are still rising.

Danes find drug-resistant swine flu strain
ATLANTA – For the first time, a case of swine flu has proven resistant to Tamiflu – the leading pharmaceutical weapon against the new virus, international health officials said Monday.
The resistance was seen in a patient in Denmark, who has recovered.
"The goods news is they just found one," said Dr. Carolyn Bridges of the U.S. Centers for Disease control and Prevention.
It appears the strain developed in a patient who was taking the drug to prevent illness, and it has not spread to others. That's a much better scenario than if the patient had not been taking Tamiflu and picked up a drug-resistant strain already spreading through the public, said Bridges, associate director for science in the CDC's influenza division.
Also, it is not a mutation that includes pieces of both seasonal flu and the new pandemic form of the virus, according to Roche, the Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company that makes Tamiflu. Scientists have been worried about the new swine flu swapping genes with seasonal or other types of flu and perhaps mutating into a more dangerous or more infectious form.

Here is the full article http://www.healthzone.ca/health/newsfeatures/article/658774--danes-find-drug-resistant-swine-flu-strain

Hmm, sounds like a great time to outlaw a fever and pain reducer.....

You make your decision...if you wait, don't be surprised when the shelves are bare and you need a L....O.....N.....G visit to a doctor to get a tylenol.

Anyhoo, off to post more fun stuff like how over a million bats have died from a fungus....

Many Blessings :)


My Own Terms said...

I hope you don't stop these posts, but understand. I just have to say thank you, you help me keep abreast of what is happening, when I can't always read/watch/listen everything myself.
I have already decided that I will be stocking up when I heard this story on Fox News this week.
It's disgraceful where our country is headed. Change...yep we are sure getting that aren't we? Too bad we didn't all vote for it.

Michelle said...

Sounds like it is time to top off preps!

BTW, I wanted to thank you for posting the link to Voddie Baucham on your blog. I wrote about my experience listening to him on my blog. That link was a BIG help for me ;)

foothillagrarian said...

I am not sure if my comment shows my blog address, so i am trying a different way of leaving it in the sign-in ;)


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