Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adding to the Summer School fun...and general fun

You know me, I have a hard time sticking to just one plan. I like to do a few things spur of the moment. I like to infuse a little 'homeschooling on the fly' into my life. It can be a curse, sometimes, but mostly, it's just fun.

Ok, got a great email from The Long Thread....OH. MY. GOODNESS. If you haven't checked out her site, or signed up for updates on her blog, get over there now...just stop reading my drivvel and get over there. She shares such cool ideas it's just amazing.

The sharing I received today was on 50 Summer Crafts For Kids...lots of links to a collection of great ideas for summer projects to have fun with. Sort of a carnival of summer ideas.

After finding tons of cool projects we can do during these hot and humid days, I checked out her archives of Crafts for Kids and found these (among about a hundred other great ideas!) Those paper stars would be such fun to do and have a start exchange with our postcard buddies. And just hanging them all over to brighten up things. Gifts for Grandma. oh, the places you could use those pretty little things!! We are definitely going to make a bunch of them.

Along the same bent, we found these too -- what a cute gift idea.

And a Fabric Butterfly Mobile...and some pretty Paper Butterflies...
Ok...well...there's plenty more to keep you busy making all sorts of neat crafts this summer.

We've signed up for the Nim's Island CurrClick Live class that starts July 8th and runs for 8 weeks. They offer so many Live Classes at CurrClick...and so many good resources. It's worth checking out the fun there, too. We found the book at Amazon for next to nothing and ordered it as well, and while we wait on it to arrive, we'll just check it out at the library. Hope it turns out to be a great read-aloud!

And we have 2 nightgowns finished now, and I'm moving along to the baby shower gifts...that diaper cake for sure, made from cloth diapers and plenty of fun burpies, and maybe some of those fabric butterflies for fun, and a couple of receiving blankets and changing pads. And I'm definitely decorating the cake with some ideas from the sites shared the baby sock roses.

Here are some tutorials on make the Diaper Cake: Diaper Cake
How to make a Diaper Cake this one is to buy a video, but the photo's will give you lots of decorating ideas
A YouTube Video for a Diaper Cake
How to Make a Diaper Cake

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Prepared In TN said...

Thanks for sharing these links - I'm looking forward to checking them out for some summer craft time with my girls.


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