Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Preparedness, Stocking up, Bugging Out...sites of note





The Preppers Group I visit is American Preppers Network. For our area, I actually prefer the Tennessee state group. They keep updated and share a great deal of information.

There is a blog called Staying Alive and he and his wife share very good practical information....but, some of his posts are well, colorful in language and description. No, that's actually a gross understatement for some -- very few -- posts. They are colorful in language...bright and glow in the dark, sailors blushing in shame kind of colorful. Still, the information shared is very practical.

Another one, Code Name Bullseye, is a bit more on the be ready to defend your land at all costs sort of survivalist stuff, but you know, that mentality is not far off the course of most likely events looking ahead to what we are moving toward.

I point this out because some folks are head-in-the-sand hiders and just want the pretty side of things, and some folks seriously want to know what they might want to have prepared and how far they should take it. There are sites out there for everyone's taste. Me, well, I like to look to worst case views and find the over-kill kind of stuff. Not that I think it's over-kill really, but you get the idea. Some folks are seemingly 'out there' with their ideas but hey, who's to say you won't need to bug out of your area on the fly, or go into hiding for a length of time.

As with anything you read, be adult about it and weed through what you don't like and find the good and the useful. Until the day arrives that your preps are put into active duty, you won't know who's the truly prepared. Let's just hope that we are gathering knowledge that's never needed. But if The Lord tarries -- bury that extra TP in the backyard and be ready!
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