Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pantry Stock In The House

There isn't as much as I expected, but still a decent amount. Have yet to finish canning all the various meats in the 3 freezers outside in the building, but will get back to that task soon as the supply in here is short.

This isn't everything, but close enough on amounts.

Sausage 12
Beef. 12
Stew chunks. 12
Chicken. 11
Sweet potatoes. 52
Green beans. 6
Bread & Butter pickles. 9
English peas.
Corn. 5
Sweet potato pumpkin. 6
Tomatoes. 7
Tomato juice. 10
Apple pie filling. 2
Apple pie filling sauce. 4
Apple butter. 2
Figs. 5
*Sorghum. 3
*Various jelly pints
*Various dried beans
*Rice 1 5gal bucket

*Evaporated milk
*Sweet milk
*Shitake mushroom pieces 14
*Reg mushroom buttons. 1
*Roasted garlic jars. 3
*Beef rice-roni. 3
*Bread crumbs. 3
*Pie crust dry mix. 1
*Salsa. 1
*Carrots. 3
*Cake mix. 5
*Chili beans. 3
*Refried beans. 3
*Cranberry sauce. 6
*Sliced beets. 5
*Red sauce. 1

*8# yeast
*Beef base 1
*Chicken base 2
*Ham base 1
*Bulk chicken gravy dry mix. 1#
*Bulk coat n bake mix. 1#
*2# wheat germ
*2# wheat bran
*1# powdered pectin
*4# graham flour
*2# rye flour
Bulk chives
Bulk dried onions
Bulk dried garlic
Bulk red pepper
Bulk cayenne
*White vinegar 3gal
*Cider vinegar 2gal
*Bleach. 2gal
*Dishsoap concentrate 1
*Canola oil
*Vanilla 1gal

*Black trash bags 1
*Gallon freezer bags 2
*Quart freezer bags 1
*Milk filters 6

There are miscellaneous store-bought things here, marked with * but everything else is home-grown here, the Amish community, bulk shop or farm market.

I can see alot of things we need -- I haven't made noodles since last year :o( and we are out of olive oil, which is what we tend to use for all baking and such. I didn't list wheat, gluten or gluten flour, oats, sugars, popcorn for grinding as we have a lot of those in stock right now. I also didn't list the common stuff -- toilet paper, shampoos and soaps, first aid supplies, cases of lamp oil, wicks, matches, etc. because we don't generally run out of that kind of thing around here.

I suppose I should actually write out a real, all-inclusive inventory here, heh? I know what I have aside from the non-everyday essentials, it's just the everyday consumable stuff I have to track. Obviously, looking at the list, I need to keep better track of it.

Time to make a list....and get out to the building to start tackling the freezer chain!

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Dawn said...

Hi Deanna,
I don't know if you get a chance to read these comments. I am really praying you do. I had asked you a long time ago for a recipe that you had made and it was really good. It was Black Bean Soup. I have since missplaced it and am in a bit of a pickle. My SIL works at the local Kroger and when they are going to throw any thing out of value he sends a little bird my way. Well the bird came and told me that they were throwing about 150 lbs of dry beans out and they were in a shopping cart beside the dumpster. (THey did this last year too) Anyway I have about 50 lbs of black beans. I really liked that soup and thought that it might can nice. If you can post it again I would appreciate it. All of the beans were out of date but appeared to be fine. And free is free! I checked them all for bugs. I even put them in the freezer as a preventative. So now I am going to can most of this blessing for ready made meals. By the way I wish I could send you some of our Amish stores for your pantry needs down there. they are amazing. I drive sometimes 2 hours and still save tons of money.
Thanks Again
In Christ


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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