Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obedient Children -- in this generation?!

I have been bobbing my head in big Amen agreement lately with the wonderful sharings at Generation Cedar.

The last note, on tongue piercing actually had me talking to the computer screen. The children always enjoy those posts where I start talking back as though anyone can hear...or even cares to hear :o)

"I don't know.  But I long to help parents understand that guiding a child to control himself, to be denied from time to time, to be required to act responsibly, to respect others with their behavior–those things are better for a child than any giving in to whims ever is.  It's better than any material things you could provide, better than any special privilege you think he deserves"

Hello?! How on the nail head is that??!! Obedient children, well-behaved and respectful children are an oddity these days. And folks know it. They don't do much about it, but eveyone sees it. Bad part is, the parents raising those ill-mannered children even know it -- they just ignore it because they want to 'choose their battles' as -I've heard a million times.

Choose your battles? I can follow that concept wee enough. Thing is, YOU AREN'T CHOOSING ANYTHING aaside from what is the easiest way to parent for you. You aren't teaching anything:o(

I don't have perfect children. Most days I'd have to struggle to even tell you they are well-behaved half of the time. They are children, they are human and they need a lot of supervision and correction along the way. They don't run amok in a store, oe indulge in fit-throwing or tantrums, though. We don't allow that and it gets nipped in the bud immediately, especially when it rears its head in public. My children have been taught that they can have whatever ill feelings and attitudes they want, but they cannot put them on display. They have no right to project their poor manners or lacking character training onto others.

But, walk through any store these days and you find just that. Workers with a grouch demeanor, parents dragging through the store with children pouting, being ugly, throwing a fit and crying. Worse even are those parents who simply ignore the circus they've brought with them, so the children start 'sharing' that circus with everyone else and the rest of us get sucked into.

Parenting takes time and it can be tiring, I don't argue that at all. Having 9 children myself, I've been there...still am there! If you start off training for manners and good attitudes, and you are on top of it being ultra consistent, you aren't going to be tired. You are going to be thrilled with the outcome and going out in public will be a joy for everyone -- including casual passer-bys!

Stop indulging the free will of your children and start preparing them for a future of joy and service to The Lord. Let their light be His Light and keep it polished brightly.

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