Monday, May 4, 2009

No wonder Mondays have a bad rep...

Rain rain rain...three full days and nights of it. Well, not totally true. Yesterday was Homecoming at church and while it rained pretty vicious all morning, once church was over and the fellowship gathering was to start, it stopped. We had a great, albeit long, day. The children and I got the last few things tidied and taken care of around 3:30 and headed home.

We had the group Heaven's Highway for the singing. They were much as I hate adults using that word, that's simply what they were. They are local (sort of) from Mooreville. I'll try to get a website and tuck it in here later. (They have a MySpace page...HeavensHighway)

Our little church has been on the mountain for 154 years having Homecomings. Not always exactly where it is now, but it's been close. Apparently there is a stone fireplace just outside the gate, up into what is now timber, that was once the church back when it was a log cabin. Then after a fire I believe they said, it was built where it is now, though smaller than what we have currently...which is by no means big at all.

Southern folk take their Homecomings very seriously. By no means Baptist-only, a Homecoming is a sort of fellowship gathering, family reunion, cemetery decoration day and revival-without-all-day-preaching event. Our little church was fairly busting at the seams yesterday with all but maybe 1 full pew not filled -- but we had several folks who stayed outside to listen to the singing, so we can easily call it a full house.

Now, back on the Mondays and their bad rep trail here...

The goats have dropped off today in milk for some reason. We have been pretty consistent with a solid 5 3/4-6# daily from Happy, and about 4 1/2 from Leah usually. Yesterday was down by half those amounts, and now this morning we got only 1/2# from Happy and 3/4# from Leah.
Maybe it's the stormy weather? They haven't been put out in the pen area for 2 days now because it's been pretty much flooded up with these rains since Friday. We did put a light in the barn area just to given them more with it being so overcast and gloomy lately.

Thank you for the thoughts about Happy's milk. She doesn't have 'show' or settling in the milk everyday, just once in a while. No warmth/fever in the udder at all, she hasn't been off her feed much, we've been cleaning the barn pen daily and freshening the bedding, they get washed off before and after milking and get dipped. Goodness, I just don't know what more to do. I haven't been finding enough of a connection to any level of Mastitis to be sure ar all. If there was settling everyday, that would be one thing, but with most looking fine then all of a sudden we get a day where it's discolored any at all and settles in the bottom. I'd like to at least save the milk for soapmaking if nothing else.
We also had Cotton go bush this morning. Why is it the dogs only feel like being independent-minded when it's flooded-up muddy raining outside? I think she missed her goat charges. We moved her from the pen into the barn with Buddy and the 2 boer goats he's in charge of. Now Buddy rather enjoyed having a woman around :::wink::: but I think Cotton wanted her own goats to tend. Guess she made a sort of 3rd wheel out there with Buddy's group.

So, right after milking we're out there trodding the mud calling Cotton. Great way to start the day...not enough milk to make milking worth the effort, dogs gone bush, and now fencing to play with. I suppose the fence posts will go in easier given the extreme sponginess out here. :::sigh::: Why can't you find out about the weaknesses in your fencing when the weather is more conducive to repair work?

I was hoping to get some of our composted hay into the garden, as well as getting a load of red sand and a trailer of cow barnyard, but it rained Friday...and Saturday...and yesterday...and looks promising for plenty more today, so we can confidently call the spring garden season over this year. The garden won't be dry enough for any work now for quite a while, even with sunshine and warmth :o( Once we do dry out again, I'll forge ahead with the plans and maybe, Lord Willing, we'll get a good set of seeds and plants out for a fall garden instead.

Up north, if the garden didn't get in, you still had a bit of a chance as it really doesn't get too hot in the summer. Here, the window of opportunity for spring is rather tiny, between rains and all, and needing things at a decent growth level before the deep heat moves in. I've missed that window now, but down here I have something I never had back north -- 2 full growing seasons. Honestly, I could plant nearly 10 months out of the year -- year round, if I set up a cold frame.

Monday? Well, it started off on a path I could have done without taking, but there's always promise as the day is still young enough to change.

And there's always Tuesday :o)

How cool God gave us a brand new start every day...every hour...every minute, really! Totally on the ball, ain't He? :o)
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