Friday, May 1, 2009

Mastitis in Goats....anyone?

We bought those two ladies, remember?

Well, we are still battling something here with one of them. The older doe is lopsided...she had virtually no milk on the right side whatsoever, maybe an ounce or two at best all day. Her left side is a balloon, though. She gives upwards of 6# a day herself.

About every 4th day or so, there are little red "strings" in her milk filter. Not very many, and they are teensy tiny little specks really. Nothing had been showing in her milk aside from that every so often. Now this week she had some discoloration settle in the bottom of the jar her milk goes into.

We aren't using it -- just milking, weighing, and watching each day's milk. It's killing me that we can't use it, but I just don't think we should, especially not knowing for sure what we are dealing with.

The milk looks fine...nothing in it, nothing stringy or thick or anything like that. She's getting the spa treatment here -- warm washing before and after milking with a nice soft towel....we are using the Fias Co Farm udder dip recipe (a bit of Dawn original dishsoap, warm water, Clorox but we did add a couple drops of Tea Tree oil...). She gets dipped with this as well. We are milking her out 3-4 times daily to keep her as empty as we can. She eats a good 2-3# of 16% mare/foal goat ration in our neck of the woods, just boer builder :o( She's tethered around for grazing all day, weather permitting.

We had milk goats 4 years up north, Nubians and Alpines, and never once had to deal with anything like this.

Would a shot of antibiotic help? Penicillin? LA200? I have no idea. It's just killing me to be losing the milk :o( Can it be used for anything --- soapmaking? feeding the chickens? anything besides dumping in the drain?

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PocketsoftheFuture said...

I am sorry I don't know how long ago your doe kidded. Are you sure you aren't seeing blood from burst blood vessels from the swelling? That can happen in the period of time after kidding/calving. If so, then the milk would be fine. Just an unusual combination of both red and white blood!



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