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Lots of Prep-minded Root Cellar Links

We don't have a root cellar, but I'd like to build on. I'd actually like to combine a storm shelter and root cellar together, with inside access instead of outside. i suppose we need some access outside, especially if it's to be a storm shelter as well, but I just don't like the idea much.

Honestly, we aren't usually standing around outside watching storms waiting to see if there is a need to duck into cover. Storms don't really 'slip in" unnoticed if you are a sky watcher to begin with. They just don't typically pop up from nothing that quickly. And then you have the critter population down here...I like to think if there isn't an outside access, maybe we wouldn't be hunkering down with snakes during a storm event!

Plus, I like a space that has multiple uses. If we need a shelter -- and we do -- and we need a large one with this many children, we might as well make it really good in size and use it as a root cellar/pantry as well. Stormy season isn't that long here normally, and we certainly need more food storage space.

I like the second photo shared in the article below We have block already, and plenty of sloped area to embed something in if it's outside and free-standing. I also think we could do the bus photo easily out here as well, and burm around it. There are tons of buses lying about down here, as well as semi-trailers. I think we'd have to modify a trailer with some air flow devices, but either would work nicely and give plenty of space for all the necessary stock.

Root cellars have been used for centuries, before electricity and refrigeration was the norm they were used to keep the harvest good during the winter. While it’s not such a common sight today many rural homes have a root cellar. In a grid down scenario not having refrigeration can literally mean life or death. With a good root cellar or even a simple pot in pot cooler you can prolong the life of your foods and have a greater chance at survival.

How it works

A root cellar is a great place to store food because of the low temperature and low humidity. This keeps food from freezing in the winter and overheating in the summer. The soil on top of the root cellar the earth acts as the temperature control.

Originally root cellars held mostly vegetables but they can also accommodate certain fruits and beverages. It was not uncommon in past times to have a root cellar full of alcoholic beverages. Some other foods can be kept in a root cellar primarily jams, salted meat, bread, butter, cheese and even milk and cream. Some food like salads, meat and pies can be kept in the root cellar but this will only prolong their life for a short time. Many other foods will sour and rot even if kept in the root cellar.

Some Examples
Root Cellar
Root Cellar
Root Cellar
Root Cellar

Wanna build your own root cellar? Here’s how

Simpler Root Cellars

Pot in Pot Coolers

More Info

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Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, I want one of these so badly and if you saw the size of my garden this year, you would think I need one. We will definitely be busy. I hope you are all well at your home.


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