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Tax comments....

Anonymous, I understand what you're saying and I am one who certainly feels the government is a bit too big for its collective britches.

We are already taxed on our luxuries and our personal choices. I pay more than someone with a smaller family who drives a smaller vehicle. It's my choice, technically, but with 9 children, I can't exactly drive around in one of those new hybrids that seats 7 or 8. But, brass tacks and all, I made the choice to have a large family and thus need large vehicle. I hate paying so much for nothing more than a sticker on my plates, but I'm not going to call the radio stations and write the newspapers about it.

Everything we buy is a personal choice if you truly take it apart and study it. You pay high grocery tax because you aren't growing your own needs, or changing your lifestyle to accommodate your garden capabilities. No, we can't grow everything, I understand that, but you can seriously cut that grocery bill back by just stopping the boxed and prepackaged stuff, let alone growing some veggies for yourself.

We pay high taxes for property. Well, we don't here compared to other places, but still...the point is, a good percentage of that tax goes into the local education system. I cold moan all day about that. I have no children in any local school district. They have never seen the inside of any school building here, and most of them have never seen the inside of a school even back north. I've been doing this for a lot of years now. Why not take that tax portion off my bill. Why am I supporting a system I totally don't agree with?

Four-wheelers are taxed higher down here. I don't have one, but just about everyone else around here age 7 and up does have one.

I expect homeschoolers to be taxed extra soon enough. There are too many of us out there who aren;t being controlled by Big Brother and his government drone schools. I can assure you government doesn't like that. One day there could be a whole slew of intelligent homeschoolers out there, voting, running for office, just free-thinking and making waves to the corporate boats floating the government funds.

Yesterday folks were complaining to the girl at the tobacco checkout at WalMart. What's the point? SHE has nothing to do with the taxes. She just sells the stuff. It's just ho folks are. They don't like something so they lunge out at whoever. If they had kept their money in their pockets yesterday instead of paying the prices they were so adamant about being heard about, that would have made a much larger statement.

One day of not buying cigarettes, even if you can afford them with no hardship to your projected budget, one day of saying no, I won't pay that, would have made some waves. Same with the whiners when gas shot up to $4 and more a gallon. No one stopped driving. WalMart, the Mall, etc....they were still packed with cars. No one felt the pinch of a high gas rate.

People aren't willing to do anything different with their lives. This cigarette tax, the high gas prices, the grocery tax, etc....these are all somewhat controllable on the consumer's part. It is an attack against our personal lifestyle, but you control it. There is nothing to be gained by anyone but the tobacco industry if you buy cigarettes. Well, them and your future medical professionals dealing with your COPD and cancers. If the tax is that revolting to you, do't buy them. Anyone can quit smoking if they truly have the desire. Some will stop now because they won't pay $4 a pack or better to keep it up. I think being led my money is ridiculously immature, but hey, whatever works. If the desire is strong enough, you can overcome anything.

If ythe grocery tax is aggravating, start making food changes in your life, plant a couple rows of a garden, put out some container plants. It all starts with a couple small steps. No one says you have to till up an acre overnight. Just grow something in a window box and start examining what you can change and what you refuse to change.

Gas prices annoy you? Stay home once in a while. Carpool with someone and split the gas. Make changes to your standard way of doing things and you get some, if not all, of your control back.

Some taxes we can't do anything about, but this one is totally under the control of the individual.
Government rides in and out of choices based totally on money, not the voice of the disgruntled people. We're too stupid to know any better...we were educated in their system to be that way. As long as we keep following the line ahead of us, there won't be any changes made. Step out of line and go form your own.


Controlling My Chaos said...

So true. Money talks and we talk every time we buy something.

Mrs. Bee said...


USpace said...

Obama should've said "Read my lips, no new taxes!" Support the sovereign American Indian Nations!

It's all so hopenchangey.
The governments imposing these tobacco SIN taxes are actually committing racist acts since most smokers are lower income, and many of them are minorities. Obama committed a racist act with this tax increase. Completely regressive. Why don't they tax cigs $1,000 a carton?

There are way too many laws already, but we need a one that says a 'Sin' tax may not be more than 100-150% of the Retail price. Ever.

They don't want all people to quit, just enough to toot their horns to justify their tyranny. They will still be able to rely on all those taxes continually coming in from the hardcore addicts, which at the increasingly obscene rates will easily make up the taxes lost from the small percentage of quitters.

Politicians don't want people to stop smoking. If they did they would tax them $100 per pack. But this would just increase the black market even more, and the state would get no money.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
raise taxes on the poor

tax cigs 200 percent
hurt poor smokers the most

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
create racist outcomes

raise some taxes on the poor
hurt minorities the most
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon

For Their Future said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello wanted to stop by and say I was enjoying your posts. The tax system is a bit different here in Canada but still the same scenario. We do have choices! And those that we don't well, Just praise God anyway and thank Him for our daily bread!

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I ♥ your thoughts in the post. We support what we choose to buy. That in itself is great food for thought. :-)


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