Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here's the update I tried to mail in the other day!

This is a post I sent to my group --

I pray everyone had a blessed Resurrection day. We certainly did. Dewey surprised us coming in on Thursday for the whole weekend. Had I known he was coming in, I'd of had the fencing and such here and ready.

We went into town on Friday and did some shopping for plywood, field fence and some cattle panels. I know from a practical money sense the fencing makes more sense. But I'm here by myself and with just the girls and I doing it, cattle panels are so much easier to manage. They can be moved about for other projects, too.

That, and I've never run fence before and I'm worried about getting it pulled tight enough. These field fence rolls are too heavy for us to even move -- they are 330' each.
As I said, they are a much better price than the panels -- $1000 only gets 800' in panels; $1120 got 1320' in rolled sheep/goat fence.
We'll start setting the fence row out behind the barn, going around the back section of trees and back up the other side to the barn again. Every 24' give or take we'll set a wood post, but the rest will be T-posts. I want it sturdy for our new arrivals...

I am driving up to Linden TN tomorrow morning to pick up 2 Nubians --in milk to boot! Oh it will be so nice to have fresh milk again! We haven't had that since moving down here. I miss having goats. The ladies are registered and have wonderful lines as heavy milkers. Linda is selling a couple of the doelings and bucklings to folks nearby, and taking 3 of the doelings with her to continue their lines.
I'm tickled. I can see some goat cheese, some goats milk soap...I'm excited.

Aside from all that excitement here, we have 40 chicks a sister hatched out. All sorts are there, some white leghorn, rhode islands, black star/red giant, etc. They are in the larger coop (housing the momma and her puppies currently). We set up the big water trough for them. They are a chatty group full of color -- reds, browns/creams, gray/silver and black/gray. Too bad they will outgrow somw of the coloring. I'm praying for a decent amount of pullets vs roosters. I need to build up the egg producers here. When is the earliest I can tell what we have do you think?

(We were all set to order a Margin 2011 Flameview cookstove from Stoves & More Online this week. Bro Daniel there was very informative and very helpful in getting our order put together. We were going all the way -- cookstove and water boiler for all the hot water needs, cooking needs, and would heat over 2000 sq ft.
But, we changed our plans and will place our order come late summer instead now.
We bought a 36 ft travel trailer instead....more on both of these later!)

The Margin stove is on hold. We are not going to borrow for it. Maybe when the job is finished we can take part of the bonus to get it ordered for autumn delivery. Dewey is wanting that one and I do like it as well. We want to run the hot water needs through it, and should The Lord move us again, we'll be set up heat-wise for anywhere. The price doesn't worry me as long as we are not borrowing for it. Maybe The Lord will move us to other stoves before He's ready for us to order one. This one seems a good fit for us...large cook surface and large oven, heating and hot water specs...we'll keep praying.

We have disked up the garden area but it's so wet still from the last storms. I have lost a good amount of tomato starts for the garden, but we'll have plenty I think. I plan to take all the suckers and root them into other rows, so there would be plenty I believe.

We should be starting the farm market sometime next month. If all goes well, we'll be baking for sale from about Mother's Day through Thanksgiving. We still need to put our list together of what to offer. We'll start off slow, with a couple breads, some cookies and some rolls/sweet rolls. If that goes well, we'll add some jams and jellies in, and maybe other bread varieties. Lord willing things will go well. We did a pretty good job with selling to the public before, so maybe...

I suppose that's a long-winded enough update. I'll share more about the cookstove and the camper in my yard later!

Off to Tennessee!!

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Basic Living said...

Wow - so many wonderful things going on there! Congrats on all the baby chicks! I had an inkling which of mine were roosters within the first 4 weeks. At six weeks, Duke crowed! Bobby Lee took a while longer, but at six weeks I was sure he was a rooster too. I think it was more like 4 weeks that I was really starting to believe they were roosters.

I'm so happy for you that you are getting your dairy goats! I want goats so bad. Still working on hubby.....

I'm not sure if you've run your fencing yet or not, but I put up a few pictures of how my husband runs fencing They are about half way down the page. He uses the ATV and he's used his pickup in the past. He actually built a fence spooler with a friend that did the trick for him when he fenced in an acre or so around the house. Pictures of it are here

I'd LOVE to see pictures of your new chicks and goats!!

Take care,


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