Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Resurrection Egg list

EGG #1

3 dimes--30 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for...(Matthew 26:14-15)

EGG #2

small plastic communion cup--Jesus praying in the garden...(Matthew 26: 36-39) (Note: If you cannot find a plastic communion cup, a tiny "Barbie" cup will work fine.)

EGG #3
rope--they bound Jesus...(Matthew 27:1,2)

EGG #4

small piece of soap--Pilate said he washed his hands of the killing of Jesus...(Matthew 27: 24-26)

EGG #5

red cloth--they put a scarlet robe on Jesus...(Matthew 27:28-30) (Note: I also have a small thorn from a rose bush in the egg; however, this may not be appropriate if you have small children since it is very sharp.)

EGG #6

cross--Jesus carried his own cross, until Simon carried it...(Matthew 27:31-32) (Note: I made a cross out of two toothpicks and tied them together with some string/rope.)

EGG #7

dice--casting lots for Jesus clothes... (Matthew 27:35-36)

EGG #8

small pebbles--the earth shook, rocks split apart...(Matthew 27:50, 51, 54)

EGG # 9

linen fabric--used to wrap Jesus…(Matthew 27:57-60)

EGG #10

stone--sealed the tomb with a stone...(Matthew 27:65-66)

EGG #11

cloves/spices--spices that the women were bringing to anoint Jesus on Sunday... (Mark 16:1)

EGG #12

(empty)--Jesus had risen!...(Matthew 28:5-6) It is always EXCITING to open this last egg!

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Brenda/haflinger said...

May I post this on my blog? Thanks.. How are things? I sent you an email did you get it on sewing?
Blessings Sister Brenda


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