Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes, I admit I'm different from most folks...

I actually like being different from the majority of the world at large. Not even from a 'religious' point of view, but in many other areas as well.

There is a rather heated debate going on on not just 1, but 2 boards I lurk at. It's interesting to listen to everyone's banter, although it's going in some flaming directions right now.

It's about the recent change of direction the vaccinations/mercury/autism path has taken.

I still plan to keep my personal stand here, but a lot of mothers are running out now and trying to 'catch up" on the vaccinations they once refused. That's their business and I'm not chiding anyone who does or does not vaccinate. This new 'revelation' in the medical world hasn't changed my mind one bit, though. So, I expect the same option -- do as I deem appropriate for my own children.

If you've been here or at my other blog more than a handful of times, you know my take on all of this. You also know that I tend to think a bit differently than some on 'government' type things. I'm not political, I'm certainly far from 'politically correct' and tactful, and while I often keep my mouth and opinions quietly to myself (Honest, I do. May not look like it around here, but I have bit my tongue on things I believe more often than pulling out the soapbox. Really.) that doesn't mean I don't have them.

I have done the 'research' and discussion over the years and I have kept up with what I need to know about things, including vaccinations. I could find you a hundred or more websites with articles, studies, doctor testimonials and so forth that are very PRO vaccinations. I could then find you an equal number or more of those same articles, studies and testimonials from doctors and medical groups and other equally licensed and studied folks as to the CONS of vaccinations.

Anyone who has ever taken a debate class in high school could do the same thing.

Vaccinations are a personal choice. In my case, I have chosen to make that choice based on my understanding from years of discussions with various doctors, reading from medical journals and doctors studies, listening to the viewpoints of friends (both for and against on all of these). I know why I have chosen not to vaccinate, and I stand behind that decision and fully believe it to be the best for my family. We do not have a blanket policy of not vaccinating. I have reexamined this decision with each and every child. Children are different. My decisions revolve around that fact.

I don't belittle anyone's decision to and not to vaccinate. What I suppose I would 'belittle' is the fact that there are too many folks who aren't even doing the research to make their decisions. Don't stand on a soapbox with me if you're only 'reasoning' for vaccinating is because your doctor recommends it. Your doctor isn't raising your child/ren. If you can't take time to inform yourself, then just shut up and move to the back of the line with the other government robots.

But, that's me. I'm different. Right now, with this 'revelation' in the medical world, and all the back-patting and "I told you so" conversations going on, no one is looking at the big picture. Remember, I'm different so my 'big picture' is probably very different from yours. Years ago, you didn't see masses of folks speaking out against anything. What the party line said, everyone listened to and obeyed, without question. My grandmother and my mother never spoke against something a doctor said. They had all the learning, all the information. What they sais to do was gospel pretty much. Well, life changes. Their grand daughter/daughter is very quick to ask questions, lots of them, and I want real answers, not some line they've practiced for the quirks in their practice.
Sure, you've always had some radicals in society, bent on doing things against the grain, but they were pretty much the quiet and the few. Now, we have the WORLD wide web -- blogs proclaiming the ignorance of government at every turn, radio talk shows, even the rare news show. People are standing up against what Big Brother says on so many levels and they aren't keeping private and quiet about it. The only reason for stupidity and ignorance now is your own laziness. (and yes, I include myself in that statement. I'm not throwing stones at anyone.)

Now, mass immunizations have been pulled into it. People once kept quiet and did what they were told by doctors. ]These days, people have access to virtually the same articles and information doctors have, and they are arming themselves with information and making decisions that go against the grain. Of course it makes sense to start vocally debunking ideas that have been left open, such as this Thimerasol/Mercury/Autism link. A lot of people who chose not to immunize made that choice based solely on the reported autism link years ago. That's as far as they researched. Well, with that theory supposedly debunked now, they have nothing left.

My thought on just this autism link -- If they don't have a 'cause' for a disease or illness, how can you truly 'rule out' any particular thing?

My 'I'm different' thought rolling around my head quietly this morning -- having every single child given shots upon shots, and then boosters, starting basically at birth, what better way to get your indoctrination into each generation.

I know. I'm different. Perhaps a bit bent. But, you really have to wonder, honestly, which side am I bent toward and is it really the wrong way?


Ante Family Agrarians said...

I enjoyed your post on this. We to are a family that hasn't vaccinated. Really Autism wasn't even a factor then in the information we read. We made our desicion based on biblical principles as well as it's just doesn't sound right to put all that in our children.
We're fearfully and wonderfully made. Our immune system if left to build itself naturally is truly a remarkable system the Lord gave us.
I believe because my children aren't vaccinated is why they are so healthy. We don't get sick. I mean sure we get the normal runny nose, or cough, but my children haven't seen a doctor in years.
My oldest hasn't seen one in 6 years. age 9
My middle son hasn't seen one in 6 years. age 6
My youngest hasn't seen a doctor in 4 years. age 4

I also nursed all of them. Their immune systems aren't compromised by anything else, leaving it to do it's job.

Anyway sorry so long.
Thanks again,
Peace, Kris

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Same here. We didn't chose this because of the autism talk. Sure, it probably figured in in the grand scheme of things, but as a single reason, no it wasn't.
I totally agree with you. My eldest has all of shots. Our eldest 2 daughters have theirs through K, and then we started really doing research into how they are made, all side effects no matter how little, all the chemical crud, etc.
None of the other 6 have had any. I even argue that HiB shot they push on you at the hospital right after birth.

We are not anti-doctor here, but honestly, we don't ever go unless there is serious blood and bone ;o)


Anonymous said...

While I appreciate your thoughts on vaccinations, and your choice to not vaccinate your children, please remember that there have been many deadly diseases that affected hundreds of thousands of people, mostly children, that have since be irradicated by vaccines. Polio, measles, ruebella, pertussis just to name a few. These are diseases that your children will not have to deal with, not only because we have a magnificent Creator and God, but because the majority of people DO vacccinate their children. If all had the same opionion as you, and chose not to vaccinate, these diseases would be alive, and a threat to your children. We know from history that those who fell to these diseases were primarily children, not because we have a cruel God, but because their immune systems are not the same as an adult. Please remember that your children are safe even though not vaccinated, because others have chosen the vaccines over the risks. I must admit it does cause me some concern when I hear advocating of not vaccinating. By the way, my children were all vaccinated, and like yours see the doctor rarely. Thanks for letting me comment, and thanks for sharing your ideas.


oma aka meme said...

I think it is good to be different- and I too am different- but I must remember not to put judgement of others who do not embrace our different opinions- as I mentioned - I am a polio survivor and also know that if polio were to hit the USA TODAY it would be a tragic situation- it is not a good thing to watch your child die unable to breath but able to think and feel- some times people spread things that they them selves have no symptoms of- so we can not always blame the spreaders- hugs from Meme

Anonymous said...

In regard to Elizabeth's comment,

There is significant evidence that the majority of diseases we vaccinate against were declining or even disappearing on their own before the vaccinations for them were developed. And even more importantly, there is mounting evidence that we are overloading a child's immune system, maybe trading measles and mumps for leukemia and all other manner of autoimmune disorders. What normal child would naturally gain immunity to 20 - 30 mild to severe diseases in their first couple years of life? It makes no practical sense! What child would naturally be fighting off diptheria, tetanus pertussis, measles , mumps, rubella, hib, and hepatitis all at the same time when weighing less than 20 pounds? Yet that's what we are subjecting their immune systems to IN ONE VISIT!!!! Sounds scary to me. No mystery to me why some babies die in their sleep.

Interestingly, polio coincides almost exactly with DDT.

Enjoying the discussion!


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