Monday, February 9, 2009

A Weekend in Tupelo...

Ok, not so unusual really, for us anyway.

But Dewey was home and with us. Surely someone noticed we weren't wandering places like Lowe's, Home Depot, Scruggs and Tractor Supply alone this time.

While drooling over tractors and various attachments at Scruggs, Dewey got talking :o) When I joined the fun, I was shown a picture of a wonderful family -- 10 children and counting! I've been blog-visiting this morning and saw many more photo's of the've got to see the little one. He is flat out adorable!

I was given a little business card with mom's name, "10 kids" and their city listed. Then teeny tiny print to fit it all in...a website and an email address.

Several of the children have blogs as well...Dad has a blog well worth the read....but my favorite so far (aside from the pictures everyone shares) is The Chocolate Biscuit. Grab some tissue so you aren't drooling on the computer screen.

I tell you, just reading and enjoying the pictures and all was great fun, but can you imagine meeting another large family so close by? A simple living (I read all about the money-saving plans in place as well...) large family. Ten arrows in their quiver and counting.

See why it's a good thing to brave the traffic and get into town once in a while????

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