Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We have power...

Seems a lone tree out in a cattle field a few miles over just cracked in the wind and went down -- across the power lines. Dropped 2 of them across the roadway and looped one way down as well. The mail lady called the power company -- seems when I called (after some half hour without power) no one else had reported a problem out here in the sticks. They weren't even sending anyone out to check. Told me to call back after a couple hours if it was still out.

So helpful.

But, with the mail lady calling to tell them lines were actually down and blocking a roadway, bingo, they drove out. She had to wait for them to direct them where the lines were down.

Some days I truly wonder about the electric system out here.

As for my husband and his leaving comments for me....ain't he cute? LOL...he hates computers. He reads the blog and might tell me something with the email, but he never pays attention as to how to leave an actual comment here.

Until today. He's been back and forth between the jobsite and home, waiting on his Valentine's gift to arrive....a Blackberry Curve. He was told he needed one for work, and they were talking about getting him one. I got him one. It cost me a mere $22 and some change, plus we ended up with some free pre-paid phone with $20 in time on it. So, I think I did pretty good...I got a Blackberry for $2 ;o) Can't beat that. It only ups the cell bill $20 a month, to boot.

Dewey will not like it. He hates technology, really. His life would be perfect if he could manage with a pencil, some paper and a good eraser. But, that's not the life he works in. He needs to be 'connected' in all sorts of ways on the job. This will work good for him, I know.

Just have to keep him from slamming it out the window when it won't do what he's trying to get it to do :o) It should be there anytime now. I had it overnighted to him so he could get it going today. Set hiim up a new email just for work, even sent off for his rebate :o)

I'm such a good wife LOL.

And what do you s'pose my dear, loving husband will get me for Valentine's Day?????

Probably more fence posts :o) That's what I got for our anniversary. The lady at the feed store told him he'd be in trouble getting me something like that. I would want something like flowers. Her husband just laughed and told her she knew me well enough to know that I'd much rather have the fence posts ;o)

He was right. I love the fence posts.


oma aka meme said...

I remember those days out in the country and downed power or phone lines- happy valentines to you both- hugs from Meme who is praising God you have light again

LizBeth said...

Hey! The newest edition of Backwood Home just arrived today. Should be on the web soon. They have a feature article on feeding large families. You'll probably be able to get a single issue on the site if you're interested. . . . . Glad you got your power back on. Liz

Mrs. Trixi said...

The two of you are so funny. Since we live about 20 miles from the nearest very small town, I do know about those power outages. I have to say though, we have a pretty good rural power company. I am glad you got your power back on!!

scrappy quilter said...

I'm am so glad I found this blog. We haven't had any power outages as of yet this winter. It was getting a bit scary when we had freezing rain and then heavy wet snow this week. However it stayed on.


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