Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is a TOTAL rant here...ignore if you like

I'm sorry, but I am simply on a rant right now and honestly, I probably shouldn't be addressing it in such a mood, but that's just me. Lump it or like. Do feel free enough to ignore me...and that includes sending those pretty flaming emails as well :o)

I am opinionated. Yes, I know. It's a great shocker, isn't it?

I am not the most tactful person you will come across. In fact, on a scale of 1-100, I am probably not at the bottom of the list, but I wager I'm pretty darn close to that final quarter section. That's just me. I rant, I rave, I have an unlimited supply of soapboxes on which to voice my opinion. Many are probably totally incorrect, none are going to be political correct, and most are not even going to make sense to anyone other than myself.

But,'s just my opinion. You don't have to share it. You don't have to like it. You don't even have to continue reading it. That's the beauty of Internet. As quickly as you can find something, you can move off to something else. Even on dial-up you can move on quickly enough to save my inbox from nastiness and your blood pressure from rising.

Ahh, the joys of technology.

I am not in any way shape for form pro-war. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm anti-war either. I'm not really a fence-rider, I just think it's far more prudent to pick and choose wisely than it is to run headlong on a handful of emotions. (LOL...yeah, I know...running headlong on emotions is exactly what a rant is...)

I do not think we belong in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or wherever else we are walking around pushing American justice on the world at large. That said, I do have compassion for the many people living under oppression and plain ol' wacked out communistic government rule. I have a heart for those people, I do.

But when did the USA determine we needed to be the police force for everyone else? What level of pride does it take to believe you and you alone know what is best for anyone else?

I was told that a 'draft' for service isn't anything new. You're right, it hasn't always been a choice to take part in defending this country, but that's the part I totally disagree with. The lack of free choice.

Back during the draft years, there was far more 'patriatism' if that's what you want to call it. Young men thought it an honor for the most part to come to the aid of their country. But that's changed. I suppose, not being a scholar on war issues at all, it probably made its biggest shift with Vietnam.

Most folks are not behind this current war/conflict/whatever tag you choose to give it.
The purpose is not clear in anyone's minds and hearts as to the strength of connection it carries anymore.
We were emotional following 9/11 and rightly so given the scope of tragedy and terror we witnessed in this country. But our emotions were harnessed by the government and off we went to 'end the war on terrorism'.

That sort of makes us on even ground with some of those terrorists, doesn't it? I mean, really...they stood up for what they believed in and attacked us, so we grab our toys and march off to their backyard and attack them back. Returning terrorism for terrorism basically.

That connection of emotions just isn't there anymore. It was a dark day in our history, and the scope of destruction and death was horrible, and we watched it all on television and are not likely to forget those images any time soon. But our emotional levels are not at all where they were back then. Most polls show that people are not looking over their shoulders for more attacks as they were in those first months or even that first year; that the government ran quickly over there with a purpose but they slowed to a drag because they had no real plan of action behind that so-called purpose. It's gotten worse now in terms of those same polls. We are viewed as just ducks in row marching off pretending to have a plan in place.

Hey we are moving out of Iraq/Iran. Great news.
We are moving into Afghanistan instead.
Same mission, different country and still a distinct lack of PLAN in place.

To re-issue/reinstate anything resembling a/the draft is ridiculous in this day and age. It's more communistic at this point than anything. You cannot force patriatism on people. You cannot force loyalty or emotions on people. To make service of any kind a 'requirement' is just another huge step toward our lack of independence and lack of so-called American freedoms. It places us right there alongside any other communist nation, in history or present day.

Sure, the Muslims have what appears to be an unlimited backing to their course of action, but they are taught that from day one. They are brainwashed, if you will, to have a deep loyalty to their god and their call in life is to be a martyr. To die any other way is shameful to their family and their heritage.

Rather like those Japanese kamakazi pilots. Rather like Hitler's German forces.
Sure want the USA to be in those ranks. There's something to take pride in.

We don't have that here. Well, not that particular brand of brainwashing, anyway. Yet.
Forced military service isn't going to breed that. It's going to blow up in their very faces that way. To have someone forced to defend our country, to force them against their will and their conscience to walk the lines of an 'enemy' country in defense of our 'freedom' here goes against everything we have been raised to believe we have stood for in this country. It lays waste to every founding ideal we have taught over the past several generations. It makes for a very poor line of defense that isn't going to succeed on any level.

Might as well just line us up along the fence around our country, men, women and children alike, give us all guns and rocket launchers and whatever else is out there and we can just shoot it out and finish everyone off. Better yet, just push that big red button and be done with it. We can all be martyrs...for a system that isn't working in the first place.

I do not believe in this war one iota. My nephew is there. My brother is there. That doesn't change my viewpoint. We don't belong there playing god over another country because we feel we know best how to make them a better place. I would push my children strongly in the opposite direction of pairing up with anything military at this stage of our country. Were push to come to shove in more literal sense, I'd do my best to get out of dodge and pray for a hiding place.

We simply don't belong in any other country trying to push our methods of government and democracy onto each nation who appears beneath our standards. We have failed in maintaining our own country on virtually every level and in keeping our own heads above the water, what gall and extreme pride and vanity to parade into another country and call it 'help for an oppressed people'.

That doens't make me some anti-government, burying food and ammo in the back forty, bunker-living wierdo either -- though let me tell you, that's a whole 'nuther kettle of fish there. We are getting so messed up here we aren't likely to make a return to sanity anytime soon. And I'm not saying those sorts are bad or wrong. I may be looking for one of those hidden bunker communities soon enough given this country's forward path.

America is hardly fit enough to be policeman to the world. CWe need to clean up our own back yards of all the accumulated poop piles and take care of our own. Not that we will, and not that it even matters. It's all just another plunge toward that one world order that's coming and bringing in the fulfillment of the Scriptures we've seemingly forgotten to read. Should The Lord continue to tarry, I'm sure our military will grow and reach Big Brother's arm out even farther and walk us closer to the destruction we're brewing for ourselves.

And yes, I have some presumably odd ideas...or maybe just a vivid imagination. I am suspicious of our colorful money and how virtually every other 'power government' out there has had that for years...and required all-digital broadcasting is just another step in you knowing and thinking what/when the powers-that-be want you to know and think it...all the GMO's, cloned animals, always new and improved vaccinations and medicines for everything under the sun; wonderful medical breakthroughs, I'll grant you...and a whole lot of unnatural stuff being put into your system based on who wants it there. I'm wonder why money is becoming something no one deals in anymore. You have to order via credit cards, debit cards or some nonsense like PayPal. No one wants checks, let alone cash money anymore. Everything in life is electronic -- your money is directly given to your bank, you pay your bills online with a click of a button, you get medical care with hardly any physical contact. You life is nothing more than an electronic blip in someone's computer.
Someone told me the other day that those hybrid cars will never make it over here because we prefer the large vehicles. A 'large' electric, green, hybrid car would be too cost prohibitive to not only build, but for the American family to purchase as well.
Do you honestly, truly, think that the auto industry or the government, should they make that last great step toward requiring hybrid vehicles be the only ones on the roadways, are concerned with the fact that you like your big SUV or that I need my 15 passenger van because I have a large family? I mean, really? You believe that to be true on any level?

Just because there are so many large families in the US or in the world, they wouldn't put something like that into force? Hmmm...some countries have laws against having more than one or two children. Some countries have laws against even owning cars...they use bicycles or walk everywhere. Some countries don't have grocery stores, Wal-Marts (imagine a place without Wal-Mart...seems odd, doesn't it, given their numbers here?) or any other large-scale shopping anything. People have to go to a town-sanctioned market, buy the foods given authorization by the government, and some even still have limitations on those foods and qantities.

But not here. Not in America, right? Yeah, ok. The fact I even think like that is probably just that rock I live under, I know. Heil wait, he's dead. Who's next in line?


Misti Aldrich said...

Excellently put. My mother and I were just talking about this very thing after reading this article on Nancy Pelosi. I think you'll find it they are trying to get rid of children as a way to fix the economy! It won't stop until the Lord stops it. It's just the way nature is. Sinful and on a downward spiral to destruction. Sad. I do believe in standing up for what you believe in, and I really appreciated you voicing your thoughts. I can't wait to read the rest of your blogs! Blessings, Misti

homespun mommy said...

I love your blog and read it daily. You are right on about all of this. More and more I side with Micheal Bunker on so much of this stuff.
Who is next in line indeed...
BTW...I like your apron.

Anonymous said...

"That doesn't make me some anti-government, burying food and ammo in the back forty, bunker-living weirdo either"
Hey, who you callin' a weirdo?! (just kidding LOL)

You won't get any opposition from me. My husband and I watched a t.v. program the other night about an American female soldier, mother of 3, who fled here to Canada with her family to avoid re-deployment in Iraq. Besides facing danger everyday from the enemy combatants, she also faced daily sexual harassment from her own soldiers! Now our conservative, former-President Bush-lovin' Canadian Prime Minister has ordered her to be deported, along with her youngest baby who was born here in Canada. You can read about it here, at Courage to Resist:

You may get a LOT of heat over this, Deanna. I'm against a war that the Bush government concocted just to give Cheney's Halliburton and his arms-dealing buddies some blood-profits. Canada followed lock-step behind the U.S. and our troops are there too--in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Support our troops" stickers are on vehicles here too. I feel for the families who are giving up their children for a war that that was unnecessary. I have much sympathy for the individual soldiers who are over there risking their lives--but for a system that doesn't deserve their loyalty! That's my two cents worth...

Carie said...

Mrs. Smith,
I love your blog and read almost every day. I have given you an award. You can pick it up at my blog

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Interesting. I don't know how I really feel about the war. I don't think we should sit back and watch atrocities (sp) being commited (example: Hitler and the Jews, Sadam and the Kurds) at the same time I don't think we should be the world's police and force Democracy on them.

I agree with you that prophecy is being fulfilled and there are scary times ahead. I don't like the way our country is going...

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Thank you for the article, Misti. As to the rest of my blog, well, I hope you find at least something of use so you aren't wasting computer time on me :o) I don't get on a rant like this very often, but I was getting emails hand-over-fist about saying much less than this on a group I visit and I suppose I just had enough.

That apron that makes me look huge and pregnant (which I'm not...well, just the huge part) is the softest cotton I've ever found. A friend gave it to me last Christmas and I kept hanging onto it trying to decide what to use it for. The apron pattern is the Friends Kitchen/Canning apron.

Brenda, you know I definitely agree with you. I don't support the war at all, I do however pray deeply for each soldier over there fighting for this country. I support what they believe they are doing for this country -- I'm just completely off on the government who would sacrifice so many lives to boost profits and try to stand large and in charge. I have family over there, I have several friends with husbands over there now, or on their way back soon. It's insane and pointless. The 'people' aren't worth much in a war like that, on either side.

Carie, thank you for the Kreative Blogger award. I'm certainly not much on the creative side I don't think. I'm just opinionated :o) I do appreciate the award -- thank you. I can't possibly choose only 10 to pass it along to -- I share it with everyone on my link list! I follow them all :o)

Aimee, I do agree with you. There are alot of people who aren't sure where they sit with the war. I had to divide it into what it is...a show on the part of the government and money-maker for politicians with connections, and the men and women who serve. I am against the war itself, but I am for each and every soldier over there fighting for what they have been taught to believe they are fighting for.

Our prayers, regardless of where one stands on the war itself, MUST go toward those men and women, their families and loved ones. They truly are sacrificing themselves for things they perhaps don't even know; most because they feel it's the right thing to do and that they are saving more lives than are being lost, that they are making a positive difference in the lives of those people in other countries, as well as their families over here.

It breaks my heart.

Thank you for keeping the flames to a minimum. I only ditched one comment, and honestly, I shouldn't have. I don't like censorship, but my children read my blog and comments as well and I won't put garbage out there and I won't take the time to play Editor, plain and simple.
To that blogger )anonymously listed, of course)all I can say is you are welcome to believe what you wish. I pray I am totally incorrect on any of my "ranting delusions" as you put it, but I read my Bible and honestly, this is just a shadow of what's lined up for us.
I may go against the popular, American Citizen rhetoric you find on "other nice and truly Christian blogs" but I don't believe in mincing words. It is what it is and I am what I am...and I know I'm a blood-bought, born again, saved by Grace and Mercy Child of Christ walking daily as close to Him as I can get, reading and praying for understanding of what He wishes of me and my life here.
And Bible does contain that verse about a meek and quiet spirit...and I have read it, despite my ranting. I take the WHOLE Bible to be of use and purpose in my life, of course, but I am human born of sin and I'm going to need continual practice and work to move into His Perfection one day.

Same as you.

Emily - Wide Open Spaces said...

Hi. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed it to. I love Jesus and love the idea of self sufficiency...but i would have a long way to go. Right now we are working on simplifying-

I look forward to reading more here.

love, Emily


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